Roast Chicken with Orange and Black Pepper Baste

I was recently sent a lovely Seasonal Box from Knorr full of goodies for the perfect Christmas dinner including new Knorr Gravy pots to create tasty gravy without any fuss.

Roast Chicken with Orange and Black Pepper Baste

The box came with a challenge which was to either cook Marco Pierre White's Christmas Roast Turkey with Orange and Smoky Bacon Baste recipe, or come up with something else.  Since there are only two of us and it's so near to the big day, I didn't cook the Turkey.  I've popped it into the freezer and it will get cooked on Christmas day.

The orange and black pepper butter can of course be used to baste a turkey instead of chicken.
The Seasonal Box from Knorr, which was supplied by Forman and Field contained the following:

Free Range Turkey from Seldom Seen Farm 
Longman's Farm Butter 
Emmett's Mild Cure Back Bacon Forman and Field Christmas Stuffing 
a Selection of Fresh Herbs and an Orange
4 Knorr Chicken Gravy Pots
12 Luxury Mince Pies and a bottle of Chapel Down Nectar Dessert Wine

My Orange and Black Pepper Butter Baste:
Just a quarter of a pack of butter for a chicken or for a turkey, use half a pack.
Mix the butter together with the zest of an orange along with a pinch of salt and a good pinch or two of black pepper.

Rub the chicken all over with the butter, drizzle a little olive oil, this stops the butter burning.

Orange and Black Pepper Baste

Pop in a couple of slices of orange, cover very loosely with foil and pop into the oven to cook as usual.  Baste the chicken a couple of times during cooking and remove the foil about half an hour before the end to brown up the skin.

Roast Chicken with Orange and Black Pepper Baste
Now for the Gravy:
Gravy is so simple to make thanks to Knorr Gravy Pots - just dissolve the pot with warm water (half boiling water mixed with half cold) and bring to the boil whilst whisking all the while.  Once it's boiled the gravy is done!

One thing I will point out is for me personally I think one gravy pot isn't enough gravy for two people (one pot makes 280ml) so I made more.

Sunday Roast

Excuse my messy plating up - I forgot I had to take a picture!
There we have it, Orange and Black Pepper Roasted Chicken served with the lovely Christmas cranberry stuffing that was in the box - nice.

Since the box came with the most delicious Luxury Mince Pies we've ever tasted it seemed only right to end the meal with a mince pie and a small glass of the Chapel Down Nectar Dessert Wine that was also included.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A big thank you to Knorr, Forman and Field, Jen and Neil for sending me another lovely and very special seasonal box.

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  1. looking forward to making ours on xmas day :) merry christmas!


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