Crispy Crumbed Chicken Topped with Blue Cheese and Bacon

Crispy crunchy crumbed chicken fillet topped with blue cheese and bacon - what's not to like?  If you're on a diet or not, I'm pretty sure this recipe won't do you a bit of good but it tastes nice.

Crumbed Chicken Topped with Blue Cheese and Bacon

So easy to do there isn't even a real recipe!  Just bash a chicken fillet between two sheet of cling film so it's nice and thin.  Why?  Because it will cook a lot quicker without drying out.
Here we go then:
First of all be sure to season the flour and the crumbs with a little salt and pepper or the chicken will taste of nothing very interesting.

Fry 2 pieces of smoked back bacon per fillet/person until nice and crisp then set aside.
Now get 3 plates in a row:

Seasoned flour on one, egg on the second and again seasoned, with salt and pepper, Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) on the third - of course you can use ordinary breadcrumbs if you wish - but toast them lightly first so they are nice and crunchy.

Put the now thin chicken fillet first in the flour, then the egg, followed by the crumbs.
Heat a good glug of oil in a frying pan and fry each crumbed fillet for a couple of minutes each side until cooked through and golden.

Just before they are done top with sliced blue cheese (I used Dolcelatte) and put the bacon back on top - it will soon heat through.

Serve straight away with skinny chips and a side salad.

Crumbed Chicken Topped with Blue Cheese and Bacon


  1. Ah! Completely delicious.

    I love bacon and chicken together, and with that sauce it looks a total joy.

    Love your blog, it's very easy to jump from one post to another!

  2. What a combination! Filing this one under 'r' for rude food.


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