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One Pot Cooking with Marco Pierre White

Cooking MasterClass

Last week I was very kindly invited along with other food bloggers and food journalists and Knorr representatives to a One Pot Cooking Masterclass with Marco.

One Pot Cooking with Marco Pierre White.

Marco showed us how a Knorr stock pot doesn't have to be diluted with water, just use your imagination.

Depending of course on what you're cooking, you can use fresh carrot, apple, or prune juice either on their own or in a combination with wine or cider.

Knorr stock pots are quite marvellous things!  If you've never tried them before you really should give them a go.

There's no need to faff about making your own stock ever again as they really do taste like 'proper' stock.

In just a couple of minutes, you have freshly made stock to use in any recipe requiring stock.

Knorr stock pots.

Marco first made Pumpkin Soup which was delicious.

Marco Pierre White.

Instead of mixing with water, he used freshly made carrot juice to dilute the vegetable Knorr stock pots.

He pointed out that shop brought carrot juice isn't the same due to the antioxidants they add which alter the flavour - so now I need a juicer! 😀

Marco Pierre White making soup.

After we'd all eaten the soup we went back into the kitchen to watch Marco make a lovely Asparagus Risotto:

Marco Pierre White making a rissoto.

The risotto was totally yummy and we all loved his idea of adding the peelings of the asparagus to the pan with the Knorr stock pot as it was brought to heat to add even more flavour.

Marco Pierre White.

He then passed it through a sieve to remove the unwanted peelings and then used the stock in the usual manner.

Now, it may not sound too amazing but it really makes a difference to the

Marco explained how by adding flavours in layers as you cook, a much more professional and tastier dish will be the end result.

Marco added the precooked asparagus tips at the very end of cooking, resulting in a greener fresher taste and look.

Now, as if we hadn't all had enough to eat, we once again returned to the kitchen to watch Marco make a really easy creamy Roast Chicken Casserole!

Marco Pierre White.

Of course, using roast chicken will always result in a much more tasty casserole.  You can of course use the same recipe but make it into a pie for a change.

Two recipes in one!

Hand written Marco Pierre White chicken casserole recipe.

The chicken casserole was made in no time at all and now it was time for us to try it.

Chicken casserole in a white bowl.

Well, I didn't meet anyone that found any fault with it - total yum on a plate!

As Marco said, don't be worried about experimenting in the kitchen and remember you don't have to follow any recipe to the last detail.

Don't be afraid to try new things - cooking should be fun!

A massive thank you to Jen and Neil for inviting me along to my second Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr - I loved every minute of it and picked up lots of tips too.

I'll leave you with a few more photos of the day.

Marco Pierre White.
Marco Pierre White.
Marco Pierre White.

Lastly, why oh why does everyone else look normal but when my picture is taken the wind blows and I really need to Photoshop it to sort my hair out!

Me and Marco Pierre White.

Thank you again to everyone involved and it was great to meet other food bloggers.

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  1. Looks like you had a good day Jan, great recipes!


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