Baked Eggs with Leftover Chilli and Tortilla Wraps

Ever made too much Chilli con Carne and then wondered what to do with the rest?  I always make too much and have come up with all manner of things to do with it!  

You can stretch it out further by adding a few other tasty bits and bobs, such as tomato, spring onion, jalapeno peppers and cheese - you must have cheese!  This particular concoction of mine even uses up the odd tortilla wrap you might have floating about somewhere too!

Please note the serving dish you use must be able to go into the oven.
No real recipe for this, just add whatever else takes your fancy and the dish you use must be oven proof or you'll have a bit of trouble.

I started with a tortilla wrap and put it in the bottom of the dish.

Make sure you heat the chilli through first, then add it along with jalapeno peppers from a jar and sliced spring onions:

Now you can add sliced tomato and cheese, crack and egg into the middle:

Drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with black pepper or a pinch of chilli powder.  
Pop into a preheated oven for about 15 minutes (until the egg has set) then serve straight away:

 You can see my nice and spicy Chilli con Carne recipe here.


  1. Jan, this has to be my favourite and most interesting thing I've found to do with left-over chilli on the whole internet! Looks fantastic and I know I'll love it. Will try tonight. Thanks for this. Patrick


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