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How to Remove Onion Garlic and Fish Odor from your Hands

There are many weird and wonderful ideas out there on how to rid your hands of cooking odors such as onion, garlic and fish.  However, many of them seem a bit of a faff to me involving lemons and even tomato juice.

Now, I've seen these stainless steel soap bars before and never really looked twice at them as I didn't think they would work.

Oh but they do! 
I'm forever chopping onions and garlic this works a treat.  You just wash your hands under running water with the steel soap bar for 40 seconds and then of course, wash your hands in the normal fashion with your usual hand wash.

Seriously, all smell of onion, garlic and fish - GONE!
Amazing but don't be asking me how it works - some kind of scientific thing I think!

This Stainless steel soap bar retails at around £4 and comes with its own holder and you can pop over to Judge to find out your local stockist.

Thanks to Pam for sending me this to review.

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