Krups Twin Blade Coffee Mill and Spice Grinder - Video Review

A fantastic piece of kit for anyone that loves coffee, or for anyone that wants to grind spices.  
Krups sell this as a coffee mill, but when you see the box you'll notice they call it a coffee mill/spice grinder.  

It really does grind spices in just a few seconds as you will see for yourself when you watch my video below. Coriander seeds, fennel and cumin seeds are no problem for it at all. 

Coriander seeds are very hard and you really will need a grinder to get them to a powder.  This did the job perfectly.

I was surprised how quickly it ground the coriander seeds to powder. I didn't buy it for grinding coffee and so I haven't even tried although I'm sure it would do a fantastic job.  

Although the blade isn't removable it is still easy to clean - just brush it out with a brush.  Obviously once you've used it for grinding spices you won't want to use it for coffee.

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