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Joseph Joseph Baking Set - Review

Find Me a Gift is......well, a great place to find gifts! They have an excellent range of gifts to suit everyone including lots of lovely Christmas Gifts.

I was very kindly sent this Joseph Joseph Baking Set to review:

So, what's in the box of this Baking Set?
There's a wooden adjustable rolling pin, a silicone spatula and pastry brush and also a timer.
The spatula and pasty brush can go into the dishwasher with no fear of the colours fading - I have other Joseph Joseph kitchen utensils and they're still like new.   
And how you not just fall in love with the colours?

 I don't do much baking, but as you know I do make a nice pie now and again.
So this baking set will be really useful as the adjustable rolling pin has 3 rings to change the thickness of your rolled pastry.  Simply twist off the ends to change the thickness.

The timer is easy to use - just twist the bezel for the correct minutes and seconds (up to 1 hour).
The only pesty thing with the timer (nothing to do with the product) but it comes with a sticker on the face of the timer.  Obviously you have to remove this before using.  Well, it must be stuck on with super glue!  

However, this is easily remedied as I have a top tip for such pesty stickers:
Remove the sticker as best you can, then simply spray with a little furniture polish and leave it for 10 minutes.  
Now the sticky goo will wipe off quite easily with a clean cloth!
Like all the other utensils in the Joseph Joseph 'Elevate' range, the Spatula and Pastry Brush have a special built-in ledge to keep them from touching the work surface not only improving hygiene but there's less mess too.

See how it holds the brush from touching the work surface - a great idea. Find Me a Gift offer next day delivery and my baking set arrived very well packaged too.

Thank you to Jo at Find Me a Gift for sending this baking set.


  1. What an excellent and beautifully designed baking set!

  2. Its so pretty! That rolling pin is a great idea!


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