Sticky Grain Mustard and Honey Pork Chops

My Sticky Grain Mustard and Honey Pork Chops are great on the BBQ but just as good cooked indoors on a griddle pan.

Sticky Grain Mustard and Honey Pork Chops
Slightly sticky, slightly sweet, perfectly cooked boneless pork loin chops.
You can buy Mirin Japanese rice liquor and Ketjap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) from any good supermarket. 

Marinade enough for 2 chops:
a large plastic bag
2 nice boneless pork loin chops with a little fat on the one side

For the Marinade:
2 big dollops of wholegrain mustard
2 good tablespoons of runny honey
1 tablespoon of Japanese Mirin
1 tablespoon of Ketjap Manis

How to do it:
Mix up the ingredients in a dish to make a marinade.
Pop in the chops in and coat them well.
Now pour the marinade into a large plastic bag and add the chops.  
Massage the chops through the bag to coat them evenly.
Put the bag into the fridge and leave for at least an hour.  

Remove half an hour before cooking to let the meat loose its chill.

When you're ready to cook (remembering to remove them from the fridge half an hour beforehand).  Have your BBQ ready to cook and depending on the thickness of the meat they will need just a couple of minutes each side.  
If you're using a griddle pan like I did, then again depending on the thickness of the meat they will take about 5 minutes each side.  You can baste them with the marinade from the bag as they cook. 


  1. Mmmm mouthwatering, Jan! What would you recommend it be served with? I think my BBQ days are over for the year! :(

  2. Catherine - I'd say rice would go with this or even mashed or jacket potato!

  3. Looks great Jan! I think I'd love these with rice myself. xx

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