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Masterclass with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Like myself, have you ever wondered, does 3 Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White really use Knorr stock cubes? Well yes he does! After very kindly being invited to 'Best of British' Masterclass with Marco in his restaurant 'Marco' in London, I got to see just how he uses Knorr stock cubes. He makes a seasoning paste from them.

All he does is crumbles a Knorr stock cube into a bowl and adds a little olive oil, then mixes well to form a paste. To make a paste for steak Marco mixed a Knorr stock cube with a little olive oil and added a some finely chopped rosemary. He smeared this over each steak before cooking on a grill pan.

Pouring oil into a bowl
The rib-eye steak he cooked tasted so, so good, I mean really good. I haven't stopped going on about it since I got back!

He then made a paste for chicken but added grated lemon zest to the paste instead of rosemary. Of course, as he said, you can add whatever you fancy. For example, if you like cayenne pepper, add that instead of the lemon zest.

Marco Pierre White seasoning chicken

When the chicken was cooked it was amazing - chicken breast - skin on. Perfectly crispy skin, despite him insisting the way to make the skin crispy on either chicken or duck, was by putting it into a COLD pan. Neither the other blogger's or I had ever heard of such a thing. But in front of our eyes he did it. Totally crispy and so very tasty from the Knorr seasoning he'd put on it before cooking.

Marco put the chicken into a cold pan - skin side down and let it heat up slowly. The fat starts to cook, rendering it down. But the chicken doesn't cook hardly at all at this point - keeping it lovely and moist. Then the heat is turned up before turning the chicken over. He then put the pan into the oven for about 5 minutes to finish off the cooking.

Of course a quick check is needed to make sure the chicken is cooked though and if not, just return to the stove top to continue cooking. A couple of minutes will do the job nicely. Just a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil before serving and the end result was oh so good!

Marco Pierre White serving chicken

Marco then went on to cook tuna - again using a Knorr stock cube as a seasoning. He cooked two tuna steaks, one with salt and one with a Knorr paste. We all agreed the tuna seasoned with Knorr tasted far better.

I've since cooked his tuna recipe myself and although my pictures are in no way as good as this professional one - I'll share the recipe with you in post in the very near future.

Doesn't that dressing look amazing?!

Tuna steaks with tomato and caper dressing

As you can see below, everyone of us had a great time and found Marco to be such a lovely person.

He really was genuinely interested in us all, and answered our questions in great detail. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him, or his staff at his restaurant. The kind people from Knorr were very friendly and welcoming too.

Bloggers with Marco Pierre White

The day was filmed too for the Knorr website. The picture below was taken by myself and shows the camera crew:

Camera Crew filming Marco Pierre White

You can see a fantastic selection of Marco's Masterclasses and recipes using Knorr over at the Knorr website.
We all had a lovely dinner afterwards in Marco's restaurant. I had steak which was cooked to absolute perfection. Indeed the best steak I think I've ever had. Marco then kindly signed our 'Knorr' aprons for us.

Marco Pierre White
Marco Pierre White and me

Next month on the Knorr website, Marco will be cooking 'Curried Chicken with Watercress'. As I've already been given the recipe I've already cooked it and can tell you it was delicious. Anyway, more about that in the next post but for now, here's a taster; not literally, just a picture sorry!

Picture courtesy of Knorr.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Knorr, Marco Pierre White, Jen, Alistair and Neil for such a fantastic day.


  1. How nice that you were being invited to the masterclass of chef Marco :)

    I didn't know that you can make crispy skin by putting meat into a cold pan, that's interesting and I would like to give it a try.

  2. What a fabulous day you had Jan! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Everything looks delicious including Marco! haha xxoo

  3. Wow - now you've got the knorr-how too!

    The cold pan treatment is 'the' way to cook duck breasts - slowly does it. So tender, but crispy skinned. Never tried it with chicken though..... yet.

    He looks a bit well-seasoned himself don't you think?

  4. Wow, sounds like you a great day. I have duck breasts later on this week, so I'll be trying the cold pan technique :0)

  5. Nice to see how that went, I'm gutted really because I was invited and couldn't go :( Thanks for sharing your day with Marco Pierre and the cold pan tip.

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous day Jan, and learned some new techniques into the bargain!


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