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Aubergine Tomato and Goats Cheese Stacked on Garlic Bread

Slices of aubergine, tomato and goats cheese all stacked together on toasted garlic bread - a lovely starter to a meal.

Aubergine Tomato and Goats Cheese Stacked on Garlic Bread

In my fridge was a nice beef tomato an aubergine and one round of goats cheese, I came up with this. It's really easy to do too.
If you want the fancy criss-cross pattern you will need a griddle pan; if you haven't got one you must be buying one immediately! Also a cooks blow torch would be good too to melt and warm the goats cheese but if not you can use a grill.

Aubergine Tomato and Goats Cheese Stacked on Garlic Bread

Yield: 2

Griddled Aubergine Tomato and Goats Cheese on Garlic Bread

Slices of aubergine, tomato and goats cheese all stacked together on toasted garlic bread; a lovely starter to a meal.


half an aubergine - you can do something else with the rest of it later
1 beef tomato
1 goats cheese round - leave in the fridge till you need it
2 slices of bread
a squeeze of garlic puree from a tube - you can use the real thing, I just couldn't be bothered chopping!
a little salt and black pepper
extra virgin olive oil for drizzling


Cut a circle out of each slice of bread so you have 2 circles of bread.

Smear over a little olive oil and a squeeze of garlic puree on both sides.  Heat up your griddle pan so it's nice an hot.  Put the bread in the pan and leave it to toast for a minute each side.  Remove from the pan and set aside.

Now cut thickish slices from the tomato and drizzle with a tiny amount of oil.  Making sure the pan is nice and hot, add the slices in and again cook each side.  Don't over cook or they'll just got to mush.

Meanwhile, take the goats cheese from the fridge (it's easier if it's cold) and with a sharp knife, carefully slice it across through the middle to make 2 thinner slices.  Either pop them under a hot grill for a minute or use a cooks blow torch to warm them up and give them a bit of colour.

Slice the aubergine into 4 thickish slices and drizzle with a little olive oil, salt and black pepper to season.  Don't use too much oil because aubergine soaks it up quickly.

Give the pan a wipe if you need to and get it really hot.

Put the aubergine slices in and leave to cook for a minute or so without moving them about.  Lift up one edge to have a check that they have nice griddle marks on.  Then turn them 90 degrees and cook till they have nice grill marks making a criss-cross pattern.

Starting with the bread stack one slice of aubergine then goats cheese, tomato and finally another slice of aubergine.  
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  1. Looking tasty as always Jan! xxoos

  2. That looks Awesome! and I have some fresh basil that would compliment it nicely!!

  3. Wow Jan, the criss cross pattern on top really makes this dish look amazing! Bet it tastes pretty good too :)

  4. Absolutely love this, that aubergine looks SO tempting.

  5. If this was on a restaurant menu, I'd definitely order it! Looks delicious Jan :)

  6. Mh, aubergine and goats cheese is one of my favorite combinations. I could eat that sort of thing all day long at this time of year

  7. This would be really tasty and I like the stack or tower presentation!

  8. This stuff looks really great!



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