Parmesan and Spinach Polenta - Pan Fried with Crispy Bacon

Merchant Gourmet very kindly sent me some of their 1 minute Polenta -  Marvelous stuff!  
No more standing over the stove top, stirring for an age to get perfect lump free Polenta. However, the pack of Polenta came with a challenge!
To come up with a simple easy to make recipe that could be made from start to finish in 20 minutes and that was to include preparation time!

See over for the recipe:
To serve 2 you will need: 
a teaspoon of vegetable oil 
5 rashers of smoked streaky bacon, cut into halves
100g Merchant Gourmet 1 minute Polenta
400ml of water
100g grated Parmesan cheese 
2 small handfuls of spinach, washed, drained and patted dry with kitchen paper
salt and pepper to taste
a few mixed salad leaves for serving

How to do it:
Add the tiny amount of vegetable oil to a frying pan and heat it up.  Add the bacon and fry until it starts to go nice and crispy.  
When it's done leave the bacon in the pan and turn off the heat.
Don't bother to wash the pan, you will want to use the small amount of fat from the cooked bacon later.
Meanwhile in a medium sized saucepan, pour in the water and bring to the boil.
Soon as it's boiling steadily, pour in the polenta stirring all the while with a wooden spoon.
Stir in the grated Parmesan and add a little salt and pepper to taste.
Cook over a low heat - stirring all the while for about 3 minutes.
Now stir in the spinach and cook for a further 2 minutes.  You're looking for a firmly cooked Polenta.
When that's done and you're happy with the seasoning, heat up the pan with the bacon in and move the bacon to one side of the pan.

Shape the cooked Polenta into two patties.  
Fry both patties on each side for about 2 minutes till they colour nicely.
Serve straight away topped with the crispy bacon and a side salad of mixed leaves.


  1. I love polenta, but I have only ever had it in restaurants - I must look out for this brand. This looks totally yum Jan.

  2. Well if that isn't a little golden, crispy bit of perfection I don't know what is! It looks so appealing I just want to try to reach out and take a nibble!

  3. I think you have done it Jan and come up with something tasty and delicious.

  4. That polenta looks perfect!

  5. I love polenta with spinach, and in a crispy patty, it sounds fantastic!

  6. I think you have a great shot at the contest....looks fab! I would make the patties smaller and serve this as a first course. A marinara dipping sauce?

  7. That is a great idea for the challenge and looks delicious.

  8. Good luck, your entry looks delicious!


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