Chicken Leek and Ham Pie in a Cheese and White Wine Sauce

Another dinner from a dinner; how about making a pie from your left over Sunday roast chicken! It's really easy to do. Nice tender bits of chicken and ham with leeks in a cheese and white wine sauce, topped with crispy puff pastry; what's not to like?

Chicken Leek and Ham Pie

I love making another dinner from leftovers - I say it's the way to go 😋

Chicken Pie

Serve with peas and mashed potato.

Chicken Leek and Ham Pie with Peas and Mash

Then dive right in!


My Chicken, Leek and Ham Pie

Another dinner from a dinner; how about making a pie from your leftover Sunday roast chicken! Nice tender bits of chicken and ham with leeks in a cheese and white wine sauce, topped with crispy puff pastry; what's not to like?


a few good handfuls of left over roast chicken
a handful of of cooked ham 
 3 leeks - trimmed and cleaned
 a couple of knobs of butter (30g)
 a small amount of olive oil
 a splash of dry white wine
 1 x bay leaf
 500g block of puff pastry
 a little flour for dusting
 1 egg - lightly beaten
 salt and freshly ground black pepper

 For the sauce:
 280ml milk
 2 and a half tablespoons of plain flour
 30g unsalted butter
 a pinch of cayenne pepper
 100g of mature Cheddar, grated
 a little freshly grated nutmeg
 salt and freshly ground black pepper
 a splash or two of dry white wine


First, melt the butter in a medium sized saucepan, then add the flour, stirring with a wooden spoon,cook the mixture for a couple of minutes. If you don't cook the flour first your sauce will be lumpy so don't miss this bit out!

Now using a balloon whisk, add in the milk and keep whisking - you now have a nice lump free sauce.

Over a very low heat and stir in the cheese and the cayenne pepper and the wine.  Add a little salt (a small pinch) and the nutmeg along with a few grinds of black pepper.  Have a taste, remove from the heat and set aside. 

Take the tough green ends off the leeks, then make a vertical split halfway down the centre of each leek, run them under cold water get rid of any grit that might be hiding.  Chop into 1/2 inch slices. In a medium sized saucepan, heat the butter and a tiny bit of olive oil.

Add the leeks and the bay leaf to the pan cook over a low heat, stirring for about 20 minutes.  Now add a little salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.  

Now add a splash of white wine and continue to cook until the leeks are cooked and are nice and tender. Remove the bay leaf and discard.
Meanwhile, tear the roast chicken (you don't want the skin) into bite-sized pieces.

Pre-heat your oven to 200C/400F or Gas 6, 400F
Add the chicken and ham to your cheese sauce and return to the heat.  Once it's started to simmer, you can add a little more milk if you think it is too thick. Now tip the whole lot to your pie dish.

Make a lid for your pie from pastry. Roll it to on a lightly floured surface to about 3 quarters of an inch thick (or just under).

Cut out a piece large enough to cover your pie dish with a little overlap.  Now roll out the trimmings and cut a 1/2 inch strip.

Dampen the edge of the dish with water and press the strip of pastry around the rim. Dampen the strip and carefully lift the pastry lid over the top. Press it firmly over the edge to get a good seal all round, then trim, using a knife.

Now gather up the trimmings and re-roll them to cut into leaf shapes - if you fancy being fancy that is!

Brush the surface of the pie with beaten egg, and arrange the leaves on top. Now, brush the leaves with beaten egg.

Bake on a baking sheet for 25 to 30 minutes - your pastry will having risen and your pie will be delicious. Serve with peas and mashed potato.
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  1. That looks fantastic Jan! I know Todd would love this!! xxoo

  2. Will be making this - great idea for using up all the pheasant leg confit (rather than chicken) I have....

  3. This pie is like being wrapped in a warm blanket and being given a big comforting.

  4. Jan, you really shined making the design on the pastry crust...crafty you are!

  5. This looks so tasty Jan, one of my favourites. Lucie x

  6. Great photo Jan. The pie looks really delicious.

  7. Oh dear Jan, this is pie-perfection....I don't know what is better..the creamy outside or the crusty outside.....

  8. Adding ham to a chicken pie would add so much flavour! It looks and sounds amazing!

  9. This looks like my kind of pie. I have made chicken and leek and ham and leek pies, but have never tried combining the two. Looks and sounds totally scrummy.

  10. This looks like a really great recipe, very easy to do as well, many thanks for posting - will be trying this one.


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