Food Hygiene

It is so important to have a good knowledge and standard of hygiene when handling and cooking food. Poor standards can result in serious illness.

I've just completed an online course for a Food, Hygiene and Safety Certificate.
The course was so easy to follow and I completed the whole thing from start to finish this morning.
I also found it very interesting and as it's an e-learning course, you don't even have to leave your home to complete it. The certificate is posted straight to your door!

Even if you don't cook in a professional kitchen, you'll benefit from knowing how to keep your kitchen and its equipment in the best and safest condition possible.


  1. This kinda virtual course sounds cool to me. I'll browse their page when I finish work tomorrow morning, thanks for sharing, Jan.

  2. You're officially certified! One step closer to becoming a master chef Jan!

    Thank you for the offer w/ the harissa but I just have to stop being lazy and make the recipe I have. I'll make sure to make a post once I try it with the new potatoes!

  3. Seems you are determined to become a professional cook hehe! In fact, this type of knowledge is very helpful for everyone especially for those who love cooking like us! :)


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