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Lamb Kofta Kebabs - Easy and Delicious

Lamb Kofta Kebabs are easy to make and more to the point, they are delicious! My 'make it up as you go along' recipe for Kofta Kebabs worked. Okay, this isn't the best plated up picture in the world but you get the idea.

Lamb Kofta Kebabs

There I was at work on Monday filling up the meat fridges when I spied kebabs and so felt the need to be making them.

Once again I read the back of the packet to see what they'd put in and went home with a mission to make them. Must say, I was really pleased with the result and will make these again.

I cooked them on my amazing electric griddle thing - perfect! But you can, of course, use a grill pan. Turn them a couple of times so they cook evenly. When they are nicely done and cooked through serve straight away.

Lamb Kofta Kebabs on Grill

I served them with pitta bread that I'd put on the griddle before the kebabs.

Along with a lemon wedge, shredded white cabbage, onion, tomato, cucumber and a couple of pickled chilli peppers (shop brought in a jar). The dipping sauce was a hot pepper sauce; again shop bought.

Please note

This post was written in 2009 and since then I have come up with a far better lamb kofta recipe - no breadcrumbs involved!


  1. Interesting concept, Jan. They sure do seem simple to prepare and I'm liking the blend of flavors. Another keeper!

  2. You've got them spot on Jan - you have some great ideas!

  3. That's brilliant, Jan, you made these kebabs simply by reading the back of the packing!!! These kebabs u made look delicious! Thanks for sharing^^.

  4. Man those look good Jan. Do you ship over to the US? :)

  5. Those look fantastic Jan! I have never had a Kofta, but can see it's about time I got with the program! You are such a great cook! I like to look at the packaes in M&S and figure out how to do it myself as well!

  6. These are just perfect for barbecue season Jan.

  7. These do look good! And easy and simple.

  8. looks delicious - I really like eating kebabs but am terrified of the commercial versions you find outside - you never know what's lurking. Homemade ones are so much better.
    It was lovely meeting you today. Hope you made it home alright xx

  9. Was lovely to meet you today Jan!

    The kebabs look very tasty :)

  10. Jan,

    It was great to meet you too, now I've met you I can just hear you narrating the stories on your blog and laughing! Your mediterranean inspired food looks great. x x x

  11. These kebabs sound really tasty. I have been looking for more ways to use harissa.

  12. The lamb kofta kebabs look wonderful - perhaps I should pop these onto my bbq this weekend.

  13. OH MY GOD...I made Simit Kebab (Turkish) this week, look much like yours. We have the same cravings...yummy!

  14. Great job, Jan. I bet these were yumptious.

  15. Wow...The lamb kofta kebabs look yummy. This is new for me, tomorrw i will try for breakfast.



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