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Panko Chicken with Gruyère and Ricotta

Honey Panko Crusted Chicken with Gruyère and Ricotta is the way to go! Now, I know I've made similar to this before but, this has to be the best I've done yet. Crunchy, Cheesy and best of all easy.

Honey Panko Crusted Chicken with Gruyère and Ricotta

You can buy Japanese Panko that's got honey added which is the one I used, but of course, you don't have to do the same as the usual panko will do.

Honey Panko Crusted Chicken with Gruyère and Ricotta ready for the oven

Sadly this is the only picture I have of the inside of the chicken, which doesn't show the fact that the top of each chicken breast was squidgy with melty cheese.

Sliced Honey Panko Crusted Chicken with Gruyère and Ricotta

I served these with new potatoes and green beans.

Yield: 2


Crunchy, Cheesy and best of all easy!


2 chicken breast fillets - skinless
ricotta cheese - about 150g
200g Gruyère cheese - grated
a pinch of paprika pepper
a good handful of honey panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)
a good squeeze of lemon juice - say about 10ml
a drizzle of olive oil
a little salt to season


Preheat your oven 200C/400F of Gas 6

Start by toasting the panko crumbs in a dry frying pan and stirring so they don't burn. Soon as they've started to colour, remove from the heat, put them into a small dish and set aside.

Don't forget they will colour in the oven but not as well as if you do toast them first - I've done that before so I'm knowing these things!

Get yourself a Pyrex dish - or any dish that can go into the oven and using a piece of kitchen paper wipe a little olive oil over the bottom.

In a small bowl mix together the ricotta, lemon juice, paprika and most of the Gruyère cheese (keep a really small amount to one side for later) and season with a teeny bit of salt.

Now place a piece of cling film over each chicken breast and give it a bash or two with something bashable, just to make each piece a bit flatter. They will then cook quicker and more evenly.

Put each chicken breast side by side in your dish and spread each one with the ricotta mixture.

Now top the lot generously with the toasted panko - sadly in this picture mine don't look very 'toasted' but they were a nicer colour than this.

Drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle the teeny amount of Gruyère cheese you kept to one side.

Pop them into your preheated oven for about 25-30 minutes. The exact time will of course depend of the size of your chicken pieces.
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  1. These look lovely. Good idea cooking them in the oven.

  2. Oh yummo! I love panko bread crumbs. They are so light and give such a crisp crumb! I get mine from Mount Fuji.

  3. This sounds so great! Is has been too long since I have had some crispy chicken!

  4. My pantry is never without panko. They make everything so attractive :)

  5. Oh yes....crispy, crunchy and cheezy good!

  6. I haven't tried panko but will look out for them. This chicken looks and sounds amazing. Great job Jan.

  7. Oh I love how crunchy it looks - you can't beat panko.

  8. Looks great Jan, I made a chicken parmesen the other night very simliar to this it was so tasty. Bet yours was too. Panko makes sucha difference, so crispy..

  9. That sounds tasty. Love that you've combined a Swiss cheese with Japanese breadcrumbs:-)


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