Chicken Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a lovely Korean dish usually made with beef. It's sweet and spicy but you can control the spiciness simply by using more or less of the Korean hot paste.

Chicken Bulgogi

I managed to get Gochujang the hot spice paste from an oriental shop that I've mentioned before called Setonaikai in Shrewsbury. If you give them a ring they will be more than happy to post items to you. So armed with my Gochujang there was no stopping me! My phone excelled itself yesterday too and took some not too bad pictures.

I couldn't get a nashi pear (or Asian pear) so I had to make do with an ordinary pear, any hard variety works fine.

Washed Lettuce Leaves

And the rice.


We really liked Bulgogi and I will make it again but I will have a go at using beef for a change.

Yield: 2

How to make Chicken Bulgogi

I couldn't get a nashi pear (or Asian pear) to save my life so I had to make do with an ordinary pear but any hard variety works fine.


For the marinade you will need:
2 skinless chicken fillets - sliced into strips and the following;
4 tablespoons of Dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 3 garlic cloves - finely chopped, 1 teaspoon of finely chopped ginger,
1 nashi pear - peeled and cored, 1 onion and a pinch of white pepper and a pinch salt
*1 tablespoon of sesame oil - only added just before you are ready to cook - as they said on the television that the strong taste will overpower the marinade if it's put in too early on.

To cook you will need:
a little vegetable oil, ½ onion sliced, 1 spring onion sliced diagonally

To serve you will need:
1 lettuce washed, leaves washed and dried - I use a salad spinner,
some cooked rice and Gochujang (hot Korean paste) and toasted sesame seeds and pine nuts


How to do it:
Slice the chicken into strips. In a bowl mix together the Dark soy sauce, water, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper. Using a blender, puree the pear and onion in a and then add this to the marinade. 

Mix in the chicken strips and leave to marinate for a good 30 minutes. Don't add the sesame oil yet. While that's all happening, get your lettuce leaves at the ready.

Just before you are going to start cooking, mix in the sesame oil into the marinade.
Heat a heavy based pan and add a little vegetable oil. Remove the chicken from the marinade but do not discard the marinade!

Cook the chicken the heated pan for a few minutes. Add a good amount of the marinade and cook until the chicken is cooked through. Now add sliced onion and spring onion and cook for another minute or two.

Transfer to a serving dish - preferably one that can go onto a small food heater to keep hot and garnish with the sesame seed and pine nuts.

To serve:
Serve immediately. Place a spoonful of rice in a lettuce leaf then add some chicken followed by a dollop of the Gochujang. Now wrap the lettuce around the filling, which can be a bit of a trick and a bit messy to eat, but it is oh, so good!
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  1. WOW that dish looks sooooo goood. I don't have time to stay just wanted to drop by and say...

    Happy Easter, Jan!!!

  2. Looks great Jan! I'm happy that you were finally able to get your hands on gochujang!!

  3. Ohhh, that looks and sounds so good Jan! We used to eat at a Korean restaurant in Toronto when we lived there and I loved it! Spicy and very good!

  4. Looks great, thanks for the link:-)

  5. Never heard about this dish before. Thanks for the introduction.

  6. this is a great meal!!! :) happy easter...

  7. Wow, that looks fantastic and sounds delicious!

  8. OH I love having that at Korean restaurants! Now I will try to make it at home.

    I'm glad I found your blog :) You gave me something new to follow. I look forward to future posts!

    Love, Mel at

  9. This looks fabulous Jan and a great list of ingredients! That shop in Shrewsbury is an Alladin's Cave!

  10. Oh my... I'm craving for Korean food! :)

  11. Jan, that looks like another amazing dish! Happy Easter!

  12. I'm so loving how the finished product looks.

  13. Looks great Jan - I love the marinade.

  14. Glad you liked the Bulgogi, a wonderful Korean dish. As I told you before, this photo is awesome!

  15. This looks incredible, Jan. Do you think that shop would do air mail? :-)


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