The Best Chicken Vindaloo Recipe

Okay, as you know we do like a nice curry now and then!  I'm always trying different types of curry and messing about with recipes until now, at last, I have perfected Chicken Vindaloo.

 If you want an ordinary chicken curry, leave out the white wine vinegar.

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To serve 2 you will need:
3 skinless chicken breast fillets - cut into cubes
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
6 garlic cloves - finely chopped
2 largish onions - finely chopped
1 red chili pepper medium heat - seeds in - finely chopped
2 teaspoons of ground turmeric
2 teaspoons of chilli powder
1 tablespoons of tomato puree
1 x 400g can of good quality chopped tomatoes - including the juice
*1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar
freshly ground salt and black pepper to taste
a few freshly chopped coriander leaves

For the Spice Paste Mixture:
1 tsp cumin seeds
4 cardamon pods
4 cloves
2.5cm (1 inch) cinnamon stick
6 black peppercorns
After you've ground the above you will also need:
1 green chilli (medium heat) - chopped leaving the seeds in
2.5cm (1 inch) of fresh root ginger - chopped
4 garlic cloves - peeled
3 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice

How to do it:
Start by making the spice paste.

Grind the cumin seeds, cardamon pods, cloves, cinnamon stick and the peppercorns with a pestle and mortar. You want a nice fine powder so it will take a few bashings too to get there!
The only big bits left at this stage should be the cardamon pod shells/skins or whatever they're called.

Now blend the powder with the other paste ingredients in a food processor.
So in the processor you will have the spice powder the green chili, ginger, garlic,and the lemon juice. Make this into a fine paste.

When all that's done put the mixture into a small bowl and add the chicken giving it a good stir to coat the chicken pieces well.
Cover with cling film and set aside in the refrigerator for a good 2 hours - better still overnight.
When you are ready to cook, heat the oil in a large frying pan and onions and the red chilli. Cook, stirring now and again until the onions are nice and golden but not burnt!
Now add the garlic and saute for another minute or so.

Add the turmeric, chili powder, tomato puree, tin of tomatoes and the white wine vinegar.
**Take care not to add anymore than 1 and a half to 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar or the dish will be horrid.

Add the marinated chicken along with the marinade and give it all a good stir.

Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer until the chicken has cooked through and the sauce has thickened - it will take about 40 minutes. Whatever, check on it now and again as you may need to add a little water if it's getting too thick.

Make sure the chicken is cooked through and serve wit h rice and top with the coriander leaves if you feel like you need to!


  1. I love food like this - looks great!


  2. Hi Jan,

    This dish looks amazing!

    I have never tried Chicken Vindaloo. I'm gonna just have to save me this recipe and give it a whirl.

    I like the way your recipe notes seem simple enough to follow, yet not too restricting. Thanks for sharing...

  3. This is gorgeous and I never realized how simple it is to make!

    This dish should be labeled, "Jan likes it hot"!

  4. This looks like a complete as well as authentic recipe Jan. A friend made me some butter chicken the other day so perhaps I should be on the East Indian trail:D

  5. How cool that you make your own spice mixtures! I definitely use the ones straight out of my Martha Stewart spice rack :o)

  6. That looks good! I like experimenting with dishes until you get them just the way you like them.

  7. That looks delicious Jan. Great minds think alike - we had curry last night too.

  8. This looks wonderful, but I wouldn't touch a vindaloo with a ten foot pole!!! I like to bite my food. I don' tlike my food biting me! tee hee! I know I'm a curry wimp. I Like mine mildly spicy.

  9. That chicken looks delicious - I am alway slooking for new ways to make curry. I'm not sure I could have it as spicy as you, but I am surely going to give this a try. Thanks!

  10. You did great work with this dish--it looks fantastic! I can never have too much vindaloo

  11. Well done, Jan! Your vindaloo sounds fab. I love hot curries, but hubby is a bit of a wimp or I'd definitely be giving this a try.

  12. I am loving this -- it looks fantastic! :)

  13. ohh this looks so very good! Yum!

  14. My hubby would LOVE this - he's a vindaloo or a jalfrezi fan. Me - I'm a big wuss and would ditch most of the chillies ;-)

  15. All those spices are just amazing! I could eat this amazing and gorgeous dish every day!

  16. Looks mouthwatering. Perfect spicy for the chill weather demands for here.

  17. Your Chicken Vindaloo looks delicious. I love curried chicken so I'll have to give your recipe a try.

  18. I like spicy dish, especially the fiery hot one! I never lay my hands on Vindaloo chicken and your step-by-step recipe looks easy to follow. I will try this out with copious amount of chilli!


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