Smothered Pork Chops

I had two nice thick boneless pork loin chops and wondered what to do with them.
After a bit of thought, I came up with this!
You will need:
Two Boneless Pork Loin Chops - get nice thick ones if you can
'Colemans' Mustard Powder
A Handful of Grated Cheese, whichever type you fancy. I used Extra Matured Cheddar.
One large Red Onion - Finely Sliced
A little Oil and a Knob of Butter
1/2 Teaspoon of Sugar
What to do next:
Preheat the oven to about 200C/400F/Gas6
I melted the oil and butter in a frying pan then added the sliced red onion and the sugar.
Over a low heat, let the onion cook for about 10 minutes without stirring - the onion will then start to caramelize and will get nice sticky, gooey bits appear on the bottom of the pan.
After about ten minutes, give the onions a good stir and leave once again for a bit until you have nicely caramelised onions.
Remove and put to one side.
Rub the pork on both sides with the mustard powder and a very small amount of oil.
Now, in the same pan you cooked the onions in (without washing it) turn the heat up and put the pork in. Seal the pork on both sides.
Using tongs, turn each chop one at a time holding them on their sides to brown the little fat on their edges.
When that's done, transfer to an oven proof baking dish.
Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes (this is very approx) as it will depend on the thickness of your chops and your oven.
Once cooked through remove the chops and pile on some grated cheese, sprinkle on a little more mustard powder on top along with the red onions.
Return to the oven until the cheese melts.
When the cheese has melted, remove from the oven and if necessary, finish with a cooks blow torch to brown further.
I served mine with mustard mash which is just ordinary mashed potato with a big dollop of wholegrain mustard stirred through and some broccoli.


  1. I bought some pork chops today and wondered what I was going to do with them - this sounds delicious - I love caramelised onion - nice and sweet!

  2. The smothered pork chops look very appetizing.
    I love to buy Packington Free Range Pork - the problem is it comes from Tamworth - then I always think of the Tamworth Two (pigs) that escaped and wonder if I am eating one of them!

  3. That pork looks really tasty!

  4. Mmmmm, that looks good, Jan. All cheesy and mustardy, and I love caramelised onions.

    I have the same problem with blogger, sometimes it just won't let you leave gaps between paragraphs.

  5. This recipe sounds so delicious! I've not prepared pork chops in this fashion, and I really like the steps you took to prepare it. Those onions caramelized in sugar sound sooo good, and I bet the mustard powder gave a great flavor to the pork. I bet it all tasted terrific combined with the cheese. We love pork chops, and I can't wait to give this recipe a try! YUM!

  6. Oh, hey Jan, I just read your comment on my blog, so I popped back over. Thank you so much for the award. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  7. Mmm...almost like Pork Rarebits!!! YUMMO!

  8. Beth - Thanks, have a go - they were yummy!

    Margaret - Oooh! Never thought of that!

    Kevin - They were!

    Jan - Yes cheesy and mustardy - Mmmm!

    Paula - They were yummy if I do say so myself! I was quite pleased with my invention lol
    You deserve that Award!

    Marie - Do you know that's what I thought, Rarebits! But couldn't resist adding onions. Otherwise that's what they were going to be called!

  9. I'm not a pork eater, but if I were, I'd try it!

  10. Those chops look really good Jan. I never would have thought to put mustard in mash taters, I will have to try that.

  11. Jan - fantastic! This is a great idea and I think everyone except DS would love it (onions, ya know)! Much love - Raquel XO

  12. Jan I've completed my tag and choosen 6 others.

  13. I love a good pork chop - espeically a nice thick one! This is looking pretty good.


  14. OMG Jan, you're killing us here! Those look too divine. I often make mustard mash, and I often make pork chops, but not smothered like this... Definitely going on my to do list!

  15. I am new here and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your blog! It was a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite. I must say, those scenic pictures of the iron bridge and the places nearby, were beautiful. If I could, I'd pack my bags and go tomorrow! I love England!

  16. Who could turn down such tasty pork chops? Cheese, mustard, and onions--I'll be over in a moment!

  17. I love the sounds of this but have only just started marinating my pork for another dish. I will bookmarke it for next time:D

  18. This looks great, thanks for sharing.


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