About Me

Hi, I'm Jan and although I'm a Londoner I now live in Shropshire with my husband Paul (Paule to me lol).  Here I am in my tiny kitchen - please excuse the awful photo of me, no point in taking another since it would be just as bad. 

I started this blog in 2008 and I love cooking and especially eating. I'm always inventing make it up as I go along recipes and I have food on the brain from the minute I wake up till I go to bed.

I love cheese and we probably eat far too much cheese but hey ho.  

Give me a kitchen gadget to review and I'm in my element! 

I’m always happy to hear from people, whether you're a reader with a question or a comment that you'd rather not make public.

If you're a PR and would like to talk to me about us working together.  I’m always happy to consider food and kitchen related products to review that fit in with this blog. 

*Please note that low value items will be not necessarily be put into an actual blog post but will be part of either a 'Roundup' post; but they will always be shared via social media - Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook.  

You can contact me via email me: Jan(AT)AGlugOfOil(DOT)com

Twitter @GlugofOil