Tabbouleh without Mint

Bulgur wheat is a good source of fibre which can help maintain a healthy digestive system.  A great alternative to rice and is used to make tabbouleh which is a lovely side dish for many things especially salmon.  

The even better news is it is so very easy to make too.... 

Mint is usually a key ingredient in tabbouleh but I can't say I'm a fan unless it's chocolate chip and mint ice cream of course!  So since I don't like it I didn't put any in my tabbouleh but of course you can add as much or as little as you fancy - just use the leaves only, chop and stir in.  

Chicken and Aubergine Curry in a Hurry

We've all seen these ready made jars of curry cooking sauces in supermarkets which are amazing to have in the store cupboard and taste good.  Asda in particular do one that is in my opinion excellent.  Just think of it as it having done all the hard work for you and there's just a tiny bit more to do to make it extra, extra special. 

Chicken and Aubergine Curry

So, have you ever fancied a curry that tastes as good as any from a takeaway, but really don't have time to mess about with toasting and grinding spices and buying the necessary bits and bobs involved?  

Or maybe, you've never made a curry from scratch because you neither have the time or couldn't be bothered anyway with what seems like too much messing about?  If any of those apply to you then this is the recipe for you!

Southern Indian Vegetable Curry

On the back of a pack of curry leaves purchased from one of the UK's top supermarkets was this recipe 'Southern Indian Vegetable Curry with Curry Leaves'.  Quite liking the sound of it I gave it a go.

However, it pays to know a tiny bit about cooking when following some of these 'back of packet' recipes as I find most are not very well written and they hardly ever work.

This was no exception, just reading the recipe I decided that there was no way that raw cubed potatoes added to a curry would cook in under 15 minutes.  In reality they took a good hour or so!
No problem at least I was ready for this.

The original recipe didn't have anywhere near enough liquid or spices so I titivated it and the end result was actually very nice.

Since cooking this I've discovered Jamie Oliver has the same recipe in one of his books 'Jamie's Dinners' but at least he doesn't say how long it will take for the potatoes to cook - he just says cook until the potatoes are soft.

Marinated Peppers - Healthy and Delicious

Did you know a large red pepper contains three times more vitamin C than an orange?  In fact peppers in general contain three times more Vitamin C than oranges and other citrus fruit.  A red pepper contains twice the Vitamin C of a green one, and ten times the Vitamin A - how marvelous is that?!

Now, there's nothing quite as nice as a roasted or grilled blackened pepper - not only does it make them easy to peel but it brings out their natural sweetness and they taste amazing.


Philly Chilli Pasta Bake - Super Quick Recipe

Philadelphia have just launched some super speedy recipes that even Paul (the husband) could make!  I was asked to give one of them a go to see if they really are that easy and quick.

Okay my picture isn't the best but at least you can see I really did make it.

Baked Chicken with Cheese Bacon and Pineapple

Easy tray baked chicken topped melted cheese, pineapple and crispy smokey bacon.  Sort of pub grub food - what's not to like?   

Baked Chicken with Cheese Bacon and Pineapple

I use those disposable foil baking trays (which can actually be washed and re-used) to make life easier.  You can also prepare this a few hours or so in advance - just cover with cling film, pop in the fridge ready to bake later on.

Forman and Field Tasting Hamper - Review

I was recently sent a lovely 'Tasting Hamper' to review from Forman and Field.

The hamper arrived around early in the morning, was perfectly packed and full of loads of yummy food.....

Forman and Field Tasting Hamper

So, what was inside?!

Perfect Mushroom Tarragon Cream Sauce

A really nice, tasty sauce that's seriously easy to make.  Great with chicken, steak, or of course whatever else takes your fancy!  I served it with pan fried chicken mini fillets.

Oh and yes, as you can see I overcooked the  broccoli - oops never mind.  

Top Tip: Don't use single cream or your sauce might well split.

Polenta Crusted Flatbread - Easy to Make Recipe

Okay my flatbread wasn't exactly what you'd call flat!  But it was rather moreish and so easy to make.  Polenta is ground cornmeal and available in any good supermarket usually somewhere near to the pasta shelf. 

It also was the nearest taste I've ever got trying to make the 'Hearty Italian' bread they serve in SubWay the high street sandwich shop.

Reaping the Rewards of Buying Local Food

It might be easier to get in the car and pop to the supermarket, but supporting local independent food and drink businesses can make the world of difference according to 


Get Fresh!
Local food tends to be fresher, especially if you buy it from a farm shop or local store where the producer has delivered directly, as opposed to the food traveling many miles to a central distribution depot, which is usually the case with supermarkets.  Caroline Davies, a Reigate farmer who hand makes ice-cream at her St Joan’s Farm Dairy, in Leigh, Surrey, uses only milk and cream from her own cows. “We could easily buy it in, but instead we milk in the morning and turn it into ice-cream by the afternoon,” says Caroline. “Not many ice-cream producers can say that and we feel it makes for a much better product.”
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