Stowells Light Wine - Low Calories and Low Alcohol

Stowells Light is not only low in calories it really is a lovely refreshing drink.  Serve chilled and it's perfect for this lovely hot weather we've been having lately!

I was very kindly sent a bottle to try and the only problem I have is it's perhaps a little bit too nice!  Lovely crisp flavour and it is what is says on the label - refreshing and fruity.  

Carte Noire Coffee Tasting Experience

Enjoy the best Coffee Tasting Experience within the comfort of your own living room!
New research released today from Carte Noire Instinct shows Brits just how to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.  And it's not in a trendy coffee shop as you might expect, but at home!

The research, commissioned to mark the launch of Carte Noire’s new Wholebean Instant coffee, Carte Noire Instinct, and conducted by
MMR Research Worldwide.  They found that a relaxing break is the key to the perfect cup of coffee and the best place to enjoy it is at home.
Also forget the fancy croissants, flapjacks and finger cakes of today’s coffee shops, a good old fashioned Victoria Sponge is what really sets off a cup of coffee!

Saucy Fish.Co - Salmon with Red Pesto Style Dressing Review

Loving the sound of Red Pesto Style Dressing on Salmon, but did it live up to my expectations?  Oh yes it did - this was yummy indeed!

The foil bake bag means you don't have to touch the fish, doesn't fuss me in the slightest, but I know a lot of people are put off fish for that reason.

Seriously good for anyone that either doesn't like cooking or simply doesn't have time.
Just preheat your oven 170C for a fan oven.  Remove from the outer cardboard packaging and pop the sealed foil bag onto a baking tray and into the oven:

Just 18 minutes later, remove the fish form the parcel and serve:

When it was cooking the house didn't smell of fish as it can when baking salmon in the traditional fashion.

All in all, there was just the right amount of saucy dressing too which tasted lovely.  Made from basil, SunBlush tomatoes, oregano, garlic and lemon and olive oil etc this really is the way to go if you want a really nice, tasty meal in a hurry.  Priced at just £4 it's a great price too - the rest of the Saucy 

Fish range is available in all large Tesco's.
I served ours with new potatoes and a side salad. 

Salmon with Red Pesto Style Dressing
Nutrition for the Salmon with Red Pesto are as follows:
100g contains energy 951kj, 229kcal. protein 17.5g, carbohydrates 0.9g fat 17.2g 

The Saucy Fish.Co has Saucy now has 22 different fishy things in their range which includes fresh fish with sauces, foil bake bag fish dishes, saucy-center fishcakes and fresh standalone sauces.  

Seasoned Tuna steaks with Sweet Soy & Chilli Dressing is another foil bake bag dish that I'm having trouble getting hold of at the moment as our Tesco keeps selling out.
Thank you to James and Alexandra for sending me vouchers to try this.

Baked Eggs with Leftover Chilli and Tortilla Wraps

Ever made too much Chilli con Carne and then wondered what to do with the rest?  I always make too much and have come up with all manner of things to do with it!  

You can stretch it out further by adding a few other tasty bits and bobs, such as tomato, spring onion, jalapeno peppers and cheese - you must have cheese!  This particular concoction of mine even uses up the odd tortilla wrap you might have floating about somewhere too!

Please note the serving dish you use must be able to go into the oven.

Crispy Parmesan Crumbed Chicken Caesar Salad

Classic Chicken Caesar salad is yummy, but I wanted something a bit different.  So with that in mind I coated the chicken in a crispy Parmesan crumb and that did it, it became something truly wonderful indeed.

You can read my previous post on how to make the Perfect Salad Dressing.

Now, I know that to most (myself included) anchovies aren't the nicest thing in the world to eat.  But of course you can't make Caesar dressing without them and as they're so finely chopped up you wouldn't notice them apart from they are vital to the taste of a Caesar dressing so you can not leave them out! 

How to Make The Perfect Salad Dressing

The Perfect way to Dress a Salad with 'Perfect Dressing' made by Trudeau.  There are three recipes printed on the side of the glass enabling you to create the perfect dressing easily and in just a couple of minutes.

 Just add the ingredients, shake and serve.

Easy to pour drop-free spout which closes to keep the dressing fresh.
The glass can of course go into the dishwasher or simply be washed by hand in hot soapy water, rinsed and dried.

Milk Matters!

Milk Matters 
Nearly everybody has some milk in their fridge and it’s so common that it’s one of those most overlooked everyday essentials.  It’s a surprisingly versatile food, considering we think of it as a simply a drink.  It’s also a really important part of a healthy diet for kids, and doesn’t do us adults any harm either!  There’s a whole world of recipes that use milk and its one staple that features in nearly every cuisine across every continent.  In the UK today various rules and regulations affect the sort of milk that we can buy and how milk is produced. 

Milk Sources 
In Britain there have traditionally been two main sources for milk; cattle and goats, although goat’s milk has only recently become more widespread in its availability and popularity.  Ewe’s milk and cheeses produced from it are also now available from delis and specialist suppliers.  Goat and Ewe’s milk tend to be characterised by their stronger flavour and are not to everybody’s taste, although cheeses made from these milks are growing in popularity.  The nutrition found in milk can vary for a number of reasons – these include the health or type of animal along with its diet.   

Spicy Crispy Crumb Chicken with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

Chicken fillets with a spicy, slightly herby crispy crumb coating served with a blue cheese dipping sauce.  

Spicy Crispy Crumb Chicken with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

 If that isn't enough add a couple of jacket potato halves that have had the potato removed, add butter, season and then put back into the skins and baked till the top goes crispy.

Sweet Chilli Pork Patties and Mincing your own Meat!

This recipe came about as a result of trying out my shiny new Multi-function mincer by Judge.  I had to mince something to test it out and as pork came to mind - sweet chilli pork patties had to happen. 

I never buy prepacked ready made burgers because you just don't know what you're going to get.  I always buy good quality mince but it has to be said there's nothing better than to mince your own meat so you know exactly what you're eating!

The Best Creamy Spaghetti alla Carbonara - easy to follow recipe

Adapted from Nigella Lawson's book 'Feast' this has to be the best Spaghetti Carbonara recipe ever. Now it's certainly not a good thing if you're trying to lose weight (as I am at the moment) but I'm sure it won't hurt every now and then.

Spaghetti Carbonara made with Cream

The lovely creamy sauce with a slight saltiness of the bacon and perfectly cooked pasta - nothing more is needed apart from a glass or two of wine.
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