Linguine with King Prawns Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomatoes

You don't have to go out to eat on Valentine's Day, it's really easy to cook something up at home.  There's something quite nice about not having to dress up and just sitting down together with a nice bowl of pasta and a bottle of wine.  There's a lovely mixture of tastes in this dish, King prawns and sun-dried tomatoes with chorizo and chilli are just perfect together. 

This is my entry to the Find Me A Gift Valentine's Day Food Blogger's Competition.  If you're looking for a gift for your Valentine, they have loads of Valentines Day Gifts to choose from both for him or for her. 

Linguine with King Prawns Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomatoes

This dish is perfect for a Valentine's dinner - just have everything prepared in advance and it's cooked in no time at all.

Vegetables in Chinese Brown Sauce - Just like the Takeaway!

Baby Pak choi, Bean-sprouts, Shiitaki mushrooms, Carrots and Spring onion cooked in a tasty Chinese style sauce.  After much experimenting, I think I've finally cracked the recipe!  This sauce tastes just like the sauce in the dish called 'Happy Families' you get from a Chinese takeaway. 

Chinese Vegetables

'Happy Families' is a dish that usually has a bit of everything in it, so there's something for everyone to like keeping the whole family happy!  So very simple to make and I'm thinking this has to be healthy and I can't see where the calories in this dish would be.   I suggest you serve with some nice egg fried rice - perfect.

Weight Watchers Cinnamon and Cider Baked Apples

With the Weight Watchers ProPoints system you can have this delicious Cinnamon and Cider Baked Apple dessert and even have a scoop of light vanilla ice cream with it too.  

The new Weight Watchers book 'Complete Kitchen' is easy to follow and there are no tricky cooking instructions or strange ingredients.  Just a book packed full of seriously nice looking dishes and is the ultimate guide to cooking food the Weight Watchers way.  

With 145 simple-to-follow recipes within nine chapters - ranging from basic stocks & dressings to Sunday roasts, leftovers & sides, to the more budget conscious ‘Everyday Value.’  
Recipes include roast fillet of beef with red wine sauce, garlic mushroom and rustic bean bruschetta and chocolate cherry cupcakes and these lovely cinnamon and cider baked apples.


Honey Glazed Chicken with Chinese Five Spice - Easy Recipe

Good roast chicken is delicious, but there are times when you just fancy something different.  So, why not liven up some chicken portions with my Chinese Five Spice sticky glaze?!  

Seeing as I made this up as I went along you can do the same, so if you'd rather have Indian flavours, use Indian spices - it's entirely up to you.  Just remember, runny honey is the way to go if you want your chicken sticky.

Honey Glazed Chicken with Chinese Five Spice

It takes just a couple of minutes to mix together a few bits and bobs to make a glaze.  Of course you can use any kind of chicken portions you fancy, I just happened to have drumsticks.....

Pork Stir-fry with Hoisin and Orange Sauce

Very tasty, slightly sweet and so good to eat.  As we all know stir frying has to be one of the easiest cooking methods going.  
This recipe came about just because I had an orange sitting there in my kitchen doing nothing.  Pork and orange sauce came to mind, but I wanted rice and I wanted stir fry.

Don't be put off by the list of ingredients - they're all available from any good supermarket.  Sake will be found in the wine and beer section. Mirin will be in the Oriental grocery section and is as cheap as chips.  Well, that's how it is in the UK anyway.

Chicken Roasted with Lemon and Garlic - Quick Midweek Meal Idea

A simple roast chicken becomes something special when it's roasted with lemon and garlic the perfect combination.  But with the addition of a few herbs to the baking dish, you have a perfectly delicious midweek meal that can be conjured up in less than an hour from start to finish! 

You can of course, use chicken portions (skin on) if you can't be fussed with cutting a chicken in half or simply want to feed more than two greedy people.

Vegetarian Stew with Potatoes Parsnip Swede and Chestnuts

 A really tasty stew of potatoes, swede, parsnip, carrots and onions cooked in a lovely rich Marsala sauce.  The addition of some fantastic smelling juniper berries really make this dish.  Roasted chestnuts are then added along with some mushrooms.  A perfect warming and filling vegetarian meal. 

Crusty bread is vital for dipping and mopping.
This is my titivated version of Nigel Slater's 'Hearty Party Hotpot' from his television series Simple Suppers.

Now, I used chicken stock, but of course vegetable stock is the way to go for any vegetarians out there.  I added potatoes to my version just to make it more of a meal.

Minced Beef Hotpot with Beetroot and a Crispy Potato Top

If you're wondering what to have for dinner tonight, how about my minced beef hotpot with a layer of beetroot hiding underneath the lovely crispy potato top. 

The top layer of potatoes end up being nice and crispy, while the potatoes underneath have soaked up the lovely juices from below.
Making it up as I went along and having some cooked beetroot in the fridge, I thought what a marvelous idea it would be to add beetroot to my hotpot.  Well, it worked and I'll be making this again! 

Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe - Dessert

Chocolate lovers will just love this dessert - rich chocolate ice cream encased in slices of chocolate Swiss roll and topped with even more chocolate!

It's really, really easy to make too - continue reading for my step by step picture instructions.  
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