Perfect Mushroom Tarragon Cream Sauce

A really nice, tasty sauce that's seriously easy to make.  Great with chicken, steak, or of course whatever else takes your fancy!  I served it with pan fried chicken mini fillets.

 Mushroom Tarragon Cream Sauce

Oh and yes, as you can see I overcooked the  broccoli; oops nevermind 😐
Top Tip: Don't use single cream or your sauce might well split.
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To make enough sauce for 2 to 4 people you will need:
a knob of butter and a small glug of olive oil
a good handful of button mushrooms - wiped clean and thinly sliced
 120ml dry white wine 
300ml chicken stock made from just half of a Knorr chicken stock cube
a sprig of tarragon
about 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped tarragon
200ml double (heavy) cream
a pinch of black pepper 

How to do it:
Heat up the butter and oil a small frying pan (you need to add a little oil or your butter will burn)
Fry the mushrooms till they're starting to brown nicely.  Pour in the wine and cook over a medium heat and stirring now and then till the wine has reduced by two thirds - you won't have much left but the alcohol would have cooked out but the taste will still be there.
Now add the sprig of tarragon and pour in the stock.  Simmer until it has reduced by half.
When that's happened you can remove from the heat for a minute before stirring in the cream and the chopped tarragon.  Add a pinch of black pepper and heat up over a low heat, stirring and without letting it boil.
I then pan fried some chicken mini fillets in a little butter and oil and when they were almost cooked I added the sauce to the frying pan and carried on cooking till the chicken was cooked through.
That's it - job Done!

 Mushroom Tarragon Cream Sauce

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  1. this sounds great cant wait to try it tomoro :-)


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