Jan's Indian Style Chicken Curry - so easy to make at home

 I've posted many curry recipes before.  Although this is almost the same as my Chicken Balti recipe, I wanted this post to be a reminder that it really is worth a little effort and having a go and making your own curry at home.  
You'll find it's far nicer than from a takeaway or a jar.  
 With a tiny bit of planning you can get everything ready to go:
Start preparing all the bits beforehand.  For example, seeing as all the dried spices go in at once, you can have them measured out into a pinch pot or cup, then all you have to do it tip them in. 

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brie and Sun-dried Tomato

I had some leftover Brie in my fridge but not enough to do much with and a nice pack of Sun-dried tomatoes in the cupboard.  What to do, what to do?  Stuff some chicken breasts I thought, that's what!  
You can make these in the morning and pop them in the fridge - tightly wrapped in cling film they will keep their shape.
But for goodness sake remember to remove it before putting them in the oven!

Ice Cream Recipe - Strawberry and Clotted Cream

Okay I've been going on about my new ice cream maker that was kindly sent to me by the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online.  
Just take a look at this please!  Strawberries and Clotted Cream - ice cream!!
 The Strawberriest ice cream ever!

BBQ ideas - Garlic Chicken and Chilli Corn on the Cob

Two more easy peasy lemon squeezy ideas for your next BBQ which could be today looking at the nice weather!
Chicken fillets with garlic, white wine and parsley:
and chilli corn on the cob:
You will need some kitchen foil for the corn and a large plastic food bag for the chicken.


BBQ idea - Tray Baked Peppers Onion and Tomatoes with Feta

Last weekend saw the UK with some rather nice weather indeed.  So in true Brit style out came the BBQ.  Oooh but what to cook, what to cook - nothing so common as a sausage on our BBQ!! 

So so easy to do.  Get yourself one of those nice big foil trays they sell for the BBQ - nothing too flimsy, you need a proper tray. 
*You can make this well before your BBQ (minus the feta) just cover with cling film and pop it into the fridge.  Remove half an hour before you're going to cook it not forgetting the feta you left out!   

Royal Wedding Cake Exhibition - in London - FREE Entrance!

Tate and Lyle recently ran a competition for people to submit wedding cake designs that captured the essence of the Royal Wedding. 
The winners are having their cakes professionally made and then displayed at The Royal Wedding Cake Exhibition. 
The exhibition takes place from Friday 22nd April - Monday 25th April 2011 at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner.   
Everybody is invited and the entrance is free!

What a fantastic load of entries.  You can see them over at 'Let them eat Cake' FaceBook page, but better still why not visit the exhibition to see them for real!


Very Lazy Caribbean Chicken!

English Provender.co have recently added another cooking concentrate to their 'Very Lazy' range of cooking concentrates 'Caribbean Chicken'. 
I must admit I don't usually buy ready made sauces etc, but having tasted this I will be buying it again.  It was honestly and truly delicious, we loved it - very nice and spicy!  Just the thing for when you're in a hurry too.  All you need to add is chicken, pineapple pieces and coconut milk and in 20 minutes you have a lovely, very tasty dinner - just serve with rice. 
Caribbean chicken is a doddle!
 Very Lazy Creamy Chicken and Posh Sausage Casserole were the first to hit the supermarket shelves and now there's Very Lazy Beef Stoganoff too.
Thank you to Joanna for sending me some to try.

Brie and Bacon Burgers

 Homemade, nice fat juicy burgers topped with bacon and Brie.
Ideal for the nice BBQ weather we've been having!


Jan's Chicken Melt - Pizza Style

Chicken with a pizza style topping is so easy to do and a great way to use up odd bits of food in the fridge!
I had both Mozzarella and Red Leicester cheese but not enough to make anything proper with.  That along with an odd green chilli a few rashers of bacon and a red bell pepper.  Onions you should have anyway says I - so armed with these ingredients the pizza topped chicken was created!

Jan's Soy, Garlic and Chilli - Sticky Butterflied Chicken

Butterfly or spatchcock chicken is actually easier than you think to do yourself at home.  All you need is good pair of kitchen shears and, of course, a chicken and your away!  An excellent video can be seen here on how to do it.
 You can then cook the chicken in a much shorter time than it would normally take.  Of course if it's BBQ weather then even better.  I had to cook mine in the oven as we're not quite there yet with the weather over here at the moment.

Domino's Reggae Reggae Pizza - A Review

Last night we ordered the new Reggae Reggae Pizza from Domino's the pizza delivery expert.  
Their new pizza made with Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce will be on general sale in all stores from Monday 11th April but you can try it now!  Just order it from Domino's Pizza UK FaceBook fan page where until Sunday, it's only £9.99 for a large one.  Just click on the Reggae Reggae link on the left side bar of their Facebook page and it will be added to your basket.
We loved the Reggae Reggae pizza and could find no faults at all in the ordering and delivery service.  The pizza itself was delish!  There was a generous amount of topping, chicken, tomatoes, green peppers and pineapple and mozzarella.  
The only really tiny fault we could find is we thought it was going to be spicier than it was - more heat please for us!  Of course, lots of people don't like as much spice as we do so with that said it's probably just us.  Whatever, we'd have no problem ordering this pizza again. 
Ten big slices of yumminess delivered to your door at the time you choose. I took a few screen shots to show just how easy ordering is:
Once you've placed your order you'll receive an email  with a link that lets you able to see the progress of your order!
You can see when you're order is being prepared, being baked, going through quality control and finally being delivered - Marvelous!
 We ordered our pizza to be delivered at 6pm and it arrived at 6.02pm (precisely)!


Kitchen Stools Direct - Black Ridge Bar Stool Review

I was very kindly asked to do a review on a kitchen stool of my choice from Kitchen Stools Direct.  I must say I'm very impressed with the Company.  
Choosing a stool was difficult as there are so many to choose from.  In the end I decided on the 'Ridge Bar Stool' in black, which is also available in white. 


The stool arrived perfectly packaged as you can see in the picture below and it was easily put together in under 10 minutes. 
 The one page of instructions were really easy to follow and the only tool needed was an Allen key that was provided.
The stool is of seriously high quality and looks more expensive than it actually is - Current price at the time of writing is £89.99  

 I think you'll agree from my picture it looks comfy?  I can tell you is very comfortable.  The high back makes it so good to sit in, you don't want to leave the kitchen!
The seat of the 'Ridge Bar Stool' is very nicely padded: 
 I must admit I'd never heard of Kitchen Stools direct before, but now I've got one and seen the quality of both the delivery service and of course more importantly the stool itself - I will be ordering another one so I have a pair!
 Of course, if the Ridge Bar Stool wouldn't be your choice, then there are many more styles to choose from over at Kitchen Stools Direct.
*Delivery is free on all orders over £75 in the UK.
Thank you to Kitchen Stools Direct and Beth.
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