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A Trip to London's Famous Borough Market

So, there I was in London and with just over four hours till my train, my first thought was Borough Market here I come!  

Borough Market in London

Sorry folks - I am working hard to add the pictures back as they have disappeared!

After turning right out of Carnaby Street and a short walk down Regents Street there I was at Oxford Street station. 

I headed straight for the ticket booth and £6.60 got me an underground ticket for zones 1 and 2 - all you really need to have a great time in London and to see the major sights.  

You need London Bridge station and when you come out (following the signs for Borough High Street) you'll see it to the left a bit, but more or less opposite the station entrance - simples!

After my trip to the market, I was straight back on the London underground and off to Harrods.

I love Harrods - see my post on Harrods Food Hall.  No trip to London is complete without a visit to see how the over half live!

Boston Terrier puppies were for sale in their pet department for a mere £2500 (this post was published in 2011).

Here are a few pictures (in no particular order) of the famous Borough Market:

As you will see a fantastic range of fresh produce, fish, meat and more. There's not much you won't find at this market in the way of food - all sorts of weird and wonderful things to be found.

Borough Market Peppers and Herbs
Borough Market Butchers Counter
Borough Market Tomates
Borough Market Oranges
Borough Market Wine
Borough Market Butchers

Borough Market Menu

Borough Market Fish Stall

Borough Market Fish

Borough Market Fruit and Veg

Borough Market Juice Bar

Borough Market Lettuces

Borough Market

Borough Market Mulled Wine Seller

Borough Market Olives

Borough Market Veg
In December Borough Market is open every day, including Sundays, until Christmas Eve.
But for the rest of the year they are open Monday to Saturday.  On Monday and Tuesday, not all of the traders are present, but there is still plenty of choice.

The full market is in operation Wednesday to Saturday. Click here to find a list of opening times.


  1. Wow I am so jealous,,wish we had something like that over here..thanks for taking us on a tour..

  2. Borough Market is great, bet you didn't stop by at the Organic Juice Bar and have some of their lurid green juice.

  3. Did you buy anything at the market Jan? I really must go there sometime, I still haven't been. Great photos!

  4. One day, when I'm rich - and not necessarily famous - I'm going to go there and blow a huge amount of money. Then return home and let my fabulous pet Chef work his or her fingers to the bone preparing delicious meals for my family and friends. ~sigh~ A girl can dream, can't she? LOL

  5. Oh wow, I am so envious. Would love to stroll around this market for a couple of hours!!

  6. Oh we have been saying for the past few years that we should just get the train down to London one Saturday for Borough Market and we haven't done it yet! It looks fabulous and we really have no excuse now we live only a couple of hours away. Thanks for the nudge - we will do it next month!


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