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What is Haggis Neeps and Tatties

Haggis is traditionally eaten in Scotland to celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns and is known as 'Burns' night and is always held on the 25th January, which was his birthday.

Haggis Neeps and Tatties

Haggis is a kind of savoury sausage meat which has lovely spices added.

Now, all that said, I personally can only cope with the haggis from Marks and Spencer's that comes in a plastic bag instead of a sheep's stomach; much more acceptable!

Haggis is served with 'neeps' which is swede (or rutabaga to those of you in the US) boiled in slightly salted water and then mashed with a little nutmeg.

As for the 'tatties' they simply just mashed potatoes.

Some people serve haggis with a dish called clapshot which originated in the Orkney Islands.

To make this you just mix equal amounts of mashed potato together with the mashed swede and stir in some snipped chives. How very knowledgeable am I you may be thinking?  All with thanks to the Internet 😉


  1. I overheard a conversation in our local coffee shop of three gentlemen discussing there haggis meal...it was so precious to watch them marvel at this delicacy..... I wish I can show them this meal....

  2. Haggis in a sheep's stomach is the only way to present it. A bag is something you hold your lipstick and other lady's accoutrements! lol

  3. Haggis without a bag, m'lady~ ;)

  4. You are braver than me eating haggis!!!


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