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Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Easy to make Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken made from a few store cupboard ingredients, although I would recommend using proper Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine)

Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken
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I love sweet and sour chicken in batter, but sometimes you either can't be bothered to mess about. 

Besides, this is better for you! Although I did make sweet and sour chicken in the Actifry which is very similar but with far fewer calories than regular sweet and sour chicken.

If you do make this, please be sure to marinate the chicken; don't leave that bit out as it really makes a difference to the chicken.

Top Tip!

You can now buy Shaoxing or Shaohsing Chinese rice wine in Sainsbury's. It's in their World food part of the store.

Shaoxing (Chinese rice wine).


  1. When I was pregnant all I ever wanted to eat was sweet and sour chicken balls!! Will definately try this one Louise xx

  2. You mean not open a jar of ready made sauce?.....

    Even better with fresh pineapple too.

  3. These look so much better than the greasy, premade junk that they serve at the local Chinese restaurant around campus.

    Looks delicious!

  4. This is almost the same way that I prepare my S & S chicken too...sans batter. The flavours can't be beat:D

  5. Jan, you're quite versatile in the kitchen...from Chinese to Greek, Indian and pub grub...delish indeedy!

  6. I ate it. Super...... Super.......

  7. oh my this looks good.. but i do prefer the battered chicken. i use cornstarch so the batter isn't as thick than when using flour.

  8. Much better than the chinese takeaway Jan - it looks delicious.

  9. Looks great, Jan! Reminds me of a similar dish my mother would make for us years ago!

  10. I love sweet and sour anything Jan. Your chicken looks delicious! Who needs batter! All those extra calories!

  11. I also like the battered sweet and sour, but it's fabulous without too, and healthier. This looks great, Jan.

  12. Ih by, this looks so yummee!!!!


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