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My Trip to London Including Harrods

Last Monday was a rather grey day in London - as you can see the weather wasn't too nice at all!

The London Eye

So I went on the train to London ready for the Television studios the next day. I can't mention which studios or the name of the programme either!

Sorry to be all mysterious but we are not allowed to chat too much about it as it's a brand new cooking programme showing in a few months time.

We all stayed in a hotel that is inside the building to the left of the London Eye, you can see it in the picture above, so we were in a really good central place.

Seeing as I've discovered this amazing video thing on here you can see my video of what happened at the very bottom of this post.

I had a fine time - one day London travel pass in hand, I trundled off to Harrods.

I thought I'd share a few pictures with you for anyone that has never been there.

Harrods is HUGE - you can get lost in there. I headed straight for the food hall as you do.

Loads of different cheeses from just about everywhere were on sale.

Cheese display Harrods Food Hall

The ceiling is amazing - it's different in each part of the food hall.

The Ceiling in Harrods Food Hall

All different kinds of coffee are sold.

Coffee in Harrods

I love looking at all the 'fancy' food they have. The prices are quite fancy too!

The Deli in Harrods

These lobster halves were actually not too bad in price considering this is Harrods they were £17.95 for each half. By the way, if you're ever unsure of what portion to buy your lobster in, this guide from LobsterAnywhere will help you decide

Although a cauliflower was £3.95 compared with the normal 'everywhere else' price of around 89 to 99 pence.

I shouldn't think I'd have made my cauliflower soup the other day if I had to shop there. A baby gem lettuce was also £3.95 in Harrods.

Seafood in Harrods Food Hall

Below: Lots of posh-looking chocolates.

This post is being written in 2009 and in the Sushi bar I did notice a small glass of white wine was £9.95

Sushi Bar in Harrods

This Valentines chocolate heart (hollow) was a mere £150 and so nope, Paul is not getting one!

Valentines Chocolate Heart Harrods

Then I headed off to the pet department - no pictures of the animal's cats, dogs, bunnies etc as photographs are quite rightly not allowed there. The Egyptian staircase or escalator is used to get to the pet department.

The Egyptian staircase Harrods

I also stopped by the television department where you can buy a 70inch Television for the absolute bargain price of £30,000 - Yep 30 grand, deary goodness!

Now, this is a Cat Bed! A real bargain at £395.....not!

Cat Bed in Harrods

Also in pink for the same price - can't be bad eh?

Fluffy Pink Cat Bed in Harrods Petshop

Later on, we (our team of four people) met up to eat - I was in need of food. I must say the other team members are all really nice people and I'm really glad to have met them.

This was our starter - between three of us as one person couldn't get there early enough to eat with us. A right bargain that was as Monday night was 50% off all food.

It's a pub chain called (much to my horror) 'The Slug and Lettuce' what a yucky name.

Now here's a very blurred picture (but you get the idea) of the London Eye at night!


  1. Jan, sorry to hear that the cooking TV fantasy is done with. You're at ease on camera and a pity the team didn't go on to the next round.

    The plus side is us vistors to your blog get "more Jan" now...YAY!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, whatever the outcome was. Harrods is a great place to gawp - and the pet department is my all-time favourite part of Harrods!

  3. Sounds like a great time.
    Shame about not going onto the next round with the TV stuff.
    Haven't been to Harrods for a while now and it is great looking at all of the photo's. Speak soon.

  4. Sorry your team didn't win Jan, but it sounds like you had a brilliant time regardless!! Loved the video. You can talk for England can't you and you seem so at ease on camera! My boss shops at Harrods all the time. I love walking through there, but wouldn't pay their prices for anything, I don't care how good it is!

  5. Hmm. Could it be the South bank studios just down from the eye? Wow - all those photos gave me a big sweep of nostalgia. H.A.Rods. was just on the way between work and the Albert Hall when the proms were on. I do miss it in a way. The grill bar is great there - you sit watching everyone shop while you eat, and the food is simple, but done exquisitely - everyone done to perfection. Once got a pound of brie with black truffles in the middle on the cheese counter there one summer. Supposed to last a week, but it was finished in a couple of hours in Hyde Park before the proms. Always looked out for that again, but only seen it once. I should try making it. The calvados camembert (as in soaked in calvados) they sell there takes you into another world. When you go there you just have to forget about how much you're spending and enjoy it. Some peope use it as their corner shop though & they phone up for a takeaway meal..... maybe one day..... when you're on TV.....

  6. Oh what a shame that your team lost. Nevermind, it sounds like a great experience all the same.

  7. Hi Jan,
    Sound you have a nice trip and wonderful time with all fancy food around. Even not success but seem you happy back home. Great pics posted and special lovely video Jan! (((HUG)))

  8. Looks like a fantastic trip and sorry about the TV thing.

  9. Good lordy! That food hall in Harrods looks like a place I could spend all day!

    Hey, it was a great experience no matter the outcome!

  10. That cheese counter looks fabulous. And the chocolate one, and the deli!!

    Bad luck about the food show :( xx

  11. What a fun trip. Harrods looks pretty impressive - the cat beds are over the top.

    Sorry you aren't going to the next round for the cooking show but what a fun experience!

  12. Hey Jan, did you go to the Borough Market?

  13. Ah what a shame! You should just start up your own tv thingy!!! It looks like you had a nice little jolly to London anyway!

  14. So fancy! That's cool about the TV thing, even if your time got cut short!

  15. Hi Jan...seeing as you mentioned me in your comment on Katie's blog, I thought I'd visit your site too.

    I took 2 American friends to Harrods a few years ago and the first thing they did was line up for a Krispy Kreme donut !!

    You can take the American out of America.........

  16. Wow, Jan sounds like so much fun! :) No matter what the outcome was, it is always nice to have an experience like that. Harrod's is CRAZY. I have never seen such a place. Wowza! Mind boggling!

  17. I love Harrods food hall - I don't need to buy I can just look for hours!

  18. Great photos! thanks for sharing. I really want to visit London again, it has been years.

  19. I'd love to have the opportunity to visit Harrods some day and join team Jan:D

  20. London is a wonderful place to visit. I would love to visit it again someday. The last time I was there, it's about 20 years ago :)

  21. What a stunning store. I wish I could go to Harrods myself. I guess I'll just have to live through you lol. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.

  22. You know, I've visited London many times but have never been in Harrods. Looks like I've missed a treat. It's spectacular, spectacular prices too!

  23. I just watched your video, and I'm so sorry that the show didn't work out. You was robbed, is all I can say.

  24. What a beautiful set of pictures! I came across these while searching up on London.

    I hope you enjoyed your time there as much as I enjoyed these pictures of yours.

    Au revoir!

    Maitre Corbeau


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