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New York Skyscraper Burger

New York; the city that never sleeps. I've been to New York a good few times, although not recently, this was a while back in the 90's. It's an amazing place, there's so much to see and do there.

If you've never been I really recommend it and one things for sure you'll be amazed at the skyscrapers; yes obviously they're tall, but they are also interesting as each one is different. I love the Art-Deco style of the Chrysler building, Empire State and the Rockefeller. I've never seen the One World Trade Center which opened in 2014 as the last time I went to New York it was at the end of August 2001.

New York Skyscraper Burger

Having been asked to come up with a BBQ or grill recipe inspired by Thomas Cook Airlines for their 'Where is Hot in' page, I chose New York as I truly love that place and really must go back soon. New York is at it's hottest in June, July and August and with an average flight time from the UK of 7 hours 20 minutes it's not too long to travel to.

Aside from the famous buildings I've already mentioned (and of course there's many more) with Times Square, The MET and of course the Statue of Liberty there's a lot to see and do. From music festivals to outdoor movie screenings in Central Park, the summer months are a great time to experience the huge, diverse personality of this metropolis.

As for the food, oh my goodness there are so many places to eat in New York! Everything from fast food to really fancy restaurants and if you do go don't forget to visit a New York Deli; amazing places full of all things yummy ūüėč 


Eating Out - Fine Dining in Dubai

A friend of mine recently went to live in Dubai and I have to say although the lifestyle looks very appealing and Dubai certainly looks like a really nice place (but because I have food at the forefront of my brain at all times) I was a bit/lot concerned that she perhaps wouldn't like the food there and would starve!  Okay I realise that’s a bit extreme and with that said, I’d never really looked into food and eating out in Dubai.

Well how wrong was I?  The other day she was telling me about this place called Pier 7 - a signature building with seven different restaurants on each of its floors. Okay, now I’m interested, tell me more!

In a word, Pier 7 is all about fine dining and each floor apparently, offers an adventure in culinary art and a contrast in both tastes and presentation.  The building is as you can see, amazing to look at; its circular design provides stunning views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf via wraparound views from each of its seven floors.

Diners can choose to dine indoors, or indulge in a unique al- fresco dining experience with spectacular views of the Dubai Marina.  Oh my word, it sounds amazing!

Opening hours:

Pier 7 is open for lunch, brunch, dinner or after hours, Pier 7 is the place to see and be-seen every day of the week and offers 7 ways to dine:

Atelier M - the vision of Mohammad Islam, one of the culinary world's brightest and critically acclaimed talents who is back in the UAE after successful tenures in some of America's most celebrated restaurants such as the Mercer Kitchen and Chateau Marmont.

Asia Asia - Inspired by restaurateurs Dean and Geremy Lucas' renowned Spice Market in Melbourne.

Abd el Wahab - Taking its name from a street in Beirut and is now a hugely successful, upmarket chain of restaurants.

The Scene by Simon Rimmer - A resturant, lounge and terrace that serves British Pub Classics.

Cargo - For an exciting adventure with an Asian twist. 

O Cacti - Mixing Mexican flare for arts and culture.

Fumé - Where vintage is the new cool!

So, as you can see this looks like an amazing place to visit!

Contact Pier 7:  You can either email them or telephone them on;  00971 4 436 1020

Masterclass with Cherish Finden and Afternoon Tea - Langham Hotel London

Earlier on this year, M√∂venpick Ice Cream set 15 food bloggers the challenge of creating their own ice cream sundae recipe for the chance to win an exclusive two-hour masterclass with the Langham’s Head Pastry Chef Cherish Finden, followed by afternoon tea for two at The Palm Court.  Well I couldn't believe it when I was told I'd won!


 So this Monday it was off to The Langham Hotel in London to meet Cherish for the Masterclass, now anyone will tell you I don't do pastry and cakes simply because I can't.  I just don't have the patience required. 


The Cake and Bake Show - London

I was kindly sent an invite to the Cake and Bake show but as I wasn't able to go, a friend of mine went instead and had a fantastic time!  Here's Jonathan's write up about the day.

Last weekend saw The Cake and Bake show return for the second year to Earls Court and I was luckily enough to go along on the Friday.  To be honest I am not a great baker, not enough patience and too much estimating. But this show was amazing.

Below: Ceri Olofson’s wedding cake with edible flowers.

Firstly, and most obvious, there’s loads of cakes.  For me the showstopper was the Wedding Cake of The Future exhibit.  Some amazing creations of tier upon tier of beautiful cakes. One by Ceri Olofson with rice paper flowers that looked so real but apparently just melt in your mouth – not that I got to try one.  These cakes just optimized the saying “too good to eat”.


WIN Tickets to Enjoy Bordeaux Wines at Zoo Lates

Every Friday night in June and July, Zoo Lates at ZSL London Zoo will be giving grown-ups the chance to see one of the city’s most iconic attractions in a whole new light.  A Glug Of Oil has teamed up with the exclusive wine sponsor, Bordeaux Wines, to offer one lucky winner a prize pair of tickets to Zoo Lates on 14th June.

Brand new for 2013, the Bordeaux Jardin du Vin will be nestled in the heart of the action, and our lucky winner will also be able to sample red, white and rosé Bordeaux served around the Zoo by Bordeaux Usherettes.

Review of Occidental Jandia Mar - Fuerteventura

Well, here we are back from our holiday - what a fantastic time we had once again!  I'm hoping this review post will be useful for anyone wanting to go.  Please note this hotel has since changed it's name to the Occidental Jandia Mar instead of the Barcelo;  I have updated the title of this post accordingly.
We stayed at the same hotel as we did last year as it was so good.

Jandia Beach - over 12 miles of sand:

When you book with 'some' UK tour operators they show a picture of the Barcel√≥ Jandia Mar hotel, however it is referred to as the 'Jandia Resort'. 

Hotel - Barcel√≥ Jandia Mar: 

However, in Jandia there's also a hotel called the Barcelo Jandia Playa which is next to and below the Mar as they are on a hill.

When you read the description in the holiday brochures it's confusing as the description is different to the actual Barcelo website when referring to the number of pools and al a carte restaurants there are.  

Hotel - Barcel√≥ Jandia Playa: 

Before we went last year I assumed 'Resort' meant you could use the facilities in both the hotels since they were next to each other but again I couldn't be sure.  
It's true, you can use the facilities in both hotels so you have double everything - more pools and places to eat.  *If however, when you book your holiday it wasn't under the heading 'Resort' and actually states the name of the hotel then you will only have use of the hotel stated.  When booking any holiday - never assume anything, check before you book.

I read some of the bad reviews that both hotels received on sites such as Trip Adviser and all I can say is some people are just strange - we loved it this year as much as we did last year.
For the people complaining on Trip Adviser who 'found the food boring and repetitive' here are examples of what there is to eat.......I wonder what these people eat at home - probably toast every day for breakfast, and pizza and chips for dinner!
Both hotels are 'All Inclusive' board basis so you can eat and drink as much as you like and the food is excellent.

Typical Breakfast:
Approx 8 different cereal's including muesli and porridge, yogurt, fried egg, scrambled egg, omelet, hard boiled egg, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans, a range of different bread for you to toast if you wish. 5 or 6 different jams, honey, cheese and ham.  There was also carrots and peas, (bit strange for breakfast but hey ho)!  Salami, sliced garlic sausage and chicken.
A selection of pastries including Pain au Chocolate and croissants. 
Fresh fruit includes, apples, pears, kiwi fruit, bananas, oranges and plums. Tinned fruit included pineapple, apricots, pears and clementines.
A selection of different coffees and teas, hot chocolate and fruit juice.

Typical Lunch:
Freshly cooked fish, pork, chicken, paella, pizza, pasta, chips, rice, boiled potatoes, Canarian wrinkly potatoes with or without mojo sauce.  Fresh tomatoes, sliced onion, cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, silver-skin pickled onions, different kinds of beans in sauce or dressing, sliced ham, salami, cheese, different kinds of bread and bread rolls.
Fresh fruit includes, apples, mango, pears, kiwi fruit, bananas, oranges, grapes and plums. Tinned fruit included pineapple, apricots, pears and clementines.  
A selection of desserts too huge to name, 5 or 6 different ice creams, yogurt, rice pudding and more!

Drinks include: Red wine, white wine or rose, sangria, San Miguel lager, fruit juice, Coke, Sprite, Fanta orange, Fanta lemon, water still or sparkling. 

Typical Dinner:
Freshly cooked fish, pork, chicken, steak, paella, pizza, pasta, sauces for pasta, chips, rice, boiled potatoes, Canarian wrinkly potatoes with or without mojo sauce, jacket potatoes, sliced baked potatoes. Two kinds of pasta and pasta bake and garlic bread.
Chilli con carne, tortillas, spicy sausages including chorizo.  Sweet and sour pork (although that wasn't too amazing in my opinion).  Meat and potato stew - usually pork or beef but I did see goat too.
King prawns and Green lipped mussels. 
Fresh tomatoes, sliced onion, cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, silver-skin pickled onions, different kinds of beans in sauce or dressing, sliced ham, salami, cheese, different kinds of bread and bread rolls.
Fresh fruit includes, apples, pears, kiwi fruit, bananas, oranges, grapes and plums. Tinned fruit included pineapple, apricots, pears and clementines.  
A selection of really fancy desserts - again too huge to name all, 5 or 6 different ice creams, yoghurt, rice pudding and more!
A selection of different cheeses and crackers.  Again drinks included Red wine, white wine or rose, sangria, San Miguel lager, fruit juice, Coke, Sprite, Fanta orange, Fanta lemon, water still or sparkling.  
Outside of the dining area you can of course have cocktails and locally produced spirits.  Brand names are also available but not included in the all inclusive deal. 

There's also the Poolside Bar.
Opening at 11am in the Mar and noon in the Player: 
Serving burgers, hot-dogs, chips, pasta, salad, ham cheese and a good few other things including tubs of ice cream.

Do you think this could be the reason I put on 10lb last year on this holiday?!
I've probably missed a good few things out but anyone not finding something to eat from that lot - I feel worried for them! Taking a walk to the bars and shops on this flat road will take about 10 to 15 minutes from the Jandia Mar hotel if you cut through the Jandia Player - making the steep hill much more easier:

The beach runs all along on the left side and the Stella Canaris zoo is to the right of this picture - although out of shot:

Altogether it will take in total about 20 to 25 minutes to reach the shops and bars on foot from the top of the Jandia Mar hotel.  At the time of writing a taxi is only 3 euros each way if you don't do walking.

Our favourite bar to stop for a drink, La Isla - 2 large beers were 6 euros: 

The Stella Canaris zoo costs 7 euros each for a 7 day pass and although it's a fairly small zoo it's well worth going to.  As we often walked past it to get to the shops we popped in to feed some of the animals.  The do an excellent show from 11am to 12.30pm every day but we found the weather was too hot to sit there that long so caught bits of it on different days.

I'll leave you with a few more photos.


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Harrods of London - The Food Hall

Harrods is Britain's most famous store and possibly the most famous store in the world.  So after my trip to Borough Market with one day travel card in hand I was off again on the underground to catch a tube to Knightsbridge.

Harrods Food Hall

Once at Knightsbridge, just follow the way out sign that says Brompton Road and when you get to the top of the stairs you'll be right next to an entrance to Harrods.  I realise there are a lot of photos here, but I don't think you'll find them boring.

A Trip to London's Famous Borough Market

So, there I was in London and with just over four hours till my train, my first thought was Borough Market here I come!  After turning right out of Carnaby Street and a short walk down Regents Street there I was at Oxford Street station.  I headed straight for the ticket booth and £6.60 got me an underground ticket for zones 1 and 2 - all you really need to have a great time in London and to see the major sights.  

You need London Bridge station and when you come out (following the signs for Borough High Street) you'll see it to the left a bit, but more or less opposite the station entrance - simples!
After my trip to the market I was straight back on the London underground and off to Harrods.
I love Harrods - see my post on Harrods Food Hall.  No trip to London is complete without a visit to see how the over half live!........Boston Terrier puppies were for sale in their pet department for a mere £2500........Oh how the other half live ah?

Here are a few pictures (in no particular order) of the famous Borough Market:
As you will see a fantastic range of fresh produce, fish, meat and more.  There's not much you won't find at this market in the way of food - all sorts of weird and wonderful things to be found.

Borough Market Peppers and Herbs

Borough Market Butchers Counter

Borough Market Tomates

Borough Market Oranges

Borough Market Wine

Borough Market Butchers

Borough Market Menu

Borough Market Fish Stall

Borough Market Fish

Borough Market Fruit and Veg

Borough Market Juice Bar

Borough Market Lettuces

Borough Market

Borough Market Mulled Wine Seller

Borough Market Olives

Borough Market Veg

In December Borough Market is open every day, including Sundays, until Christmas Eve.
But for the rest of the year they are open Monday to Saturday.  On Monday and Tuesday, not all of the traders are present, but there is still plenty of choice.  The full market is in operation Wednesday to Saturday. Click here to find a list of opening times.

BBC Good Food Show with Miele

Well what a fantastic time we all had at the BBC Good Food Show on Saturday.
I was very kindly invited to go along again, courtesy of Miele (who are big sponsors of the show) by Lauren and Cherry from Miele's PR company 'Forever Better'.

From left to right the other foodie people that were there:
Bronwin from Practically Daily, Cara from Gourmet Chick and Kits and her friend from The Cooking Forum. I'm on the far right.

We also got to join in the Miele Cookery Experience on stage cooking with Martin Blunos. It was fantastic, Martin cooked a baked scallop dish and we all followed him. I will post the recipe separately. The scallops were cooked in a rather fancy Miele oven - we all wanted one!

A stroll around Much Wenlock, Shropshire

This post has nothing to do with food, it's just something I thought some people might find interesting. On Saturday just gone, we went for a walk around Much Wenlock. It's about 5 miles from where we live, so we went in the car, parked up and had a walk about. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

Picture Below;
The 'Police station' on the left is now someones house! It looks very similar to the old Police station in Ironbridge that has now become a really nice Indian restaurant.

Below; I had to take a picture of this - it's called 'The Mutton Shut' - you can read about it here.

Apparently 'shuts' were cobbled short cuts to other areas and usually named after nearby pubs. There is also a George and Dragon Shut in Much Wenlock.

Passing by some of the shops in Much Wenlock.

In this picture you can see a bit of a queue to get into butchers - I have heard from several people that it is such a good butchers that there is always a queue and at Christmas it goes into the next street!

You can read more about the history of Much Wenlock here

The Beautiful Greek Island of Thassos

We'd never been to Thassos until now but I must admit I didn't realise it so beautiful and very green too.

We stayed in 'The Four Seasons Apartments and Studios' and they were fantastic.
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