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WIN Tickets to Enjoy Bordeaux Wines at Zoo Lates

Every Friday night in June and July, Zoo Lates at ZSL London Zoo will be giving grown-ups the chance to see one of the city’s most iconic attractions in a whole new light.  A Glug Of Oil has teamed up with the exclusive wine sponsor, Bordeaux Wines, to offer one lucky winner a prize pair of tickets to Zoo Lates on 14th June.

Brand new for 2013, the Bordeaux Jardin du Vin will be nestled in the heart of the action, and our lucky winner will also be able to sample red, white and rosé Bordeaux served around the Zoo by Bordeaux Usherettes.

The Meadow Inn Ironbridge Shropshire

If you're looking for a place to eat in Ironbridge, Shropshire - The Meadow Inn Steakhouse at is 'just' outside of Ironbridge and is excellent!
From the minute you step through the door, you're made to feel welcome by the friendly staff.
 The Meadow Inn is the only 'Steakhouse' in Ironbridge and all the beef they serve is minimum 28 day matured.
 The Meadow has three very different dining areas inside.  Outside there’s a lovely decked patio area and a beer garden that stretches down to the river’s edge.  Perfect for relaxing with a drink in the summer.

Steaks are always cooked to perfection.  I’m always very pleased as I ask for my steak to be cooked ‘medium rare, but more on the rare side’.  The chefs have never got that wrong yet and we eat there quite a lot.  
I also think they should win an award for the best chunky chips - they are lovely and crispy and can't be matched anywhere!

It’s not only steaks on the menu, far from it!
You’ll find a great range of food.  Everything from vegetarian dishes, fish, chicken, totally yummy salads and a fantastic selection of filled baguettes. 

It’s worth noting the Bubbly Beer Battered Fish and Chips are delicious with mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce.  At the time of writing the children's menu priced at just £5.95 and includes an ice cream for pudding.
There is always a good range of tempting puddings or a cheeseboard to end your meal perfectly.
I could easily just sit and relax, eat and drink, quite happily all day.
Oh and by the way, The Meadow is also exceptionally clean and the loos are spotless!
So, if you’re in the area you really should visit The Meadow Steakhouse and you won’t be disappointed.
How to find The Meadow Inn.


BBC Good Food Show with Miele

Well what a fantastic time we all had at the BBC Good Food Show on Saturday.
I was very kindly invited to go along again, courtesy of Miele (who are big sponsors of the show) by Lauren and Cherry from Miele's PR company 'Forever Better'.

From left to right the other foodie people that were there:
Bronwin from Practically Daily, Cara from Gourmet Chick and Kits and her friend from The Cooking Forum. I'm on the far right.

We also got to join in the Miele Cookery Experience on stage cooking with Martin Blunos. It was fantastic, Martin cooked a baked scallop dish and we all followed him. I will post the recipe separately. The scallops were cooked in a rather fancy Miele oven - we all wanted one!

My Trip to London

Last Monday was a rather grey day in London - as you can see the weather wasn't too nice at all!
So I went on the train to London ready for the Television studios the next day. I can't mention which studios or the name of the programme either! Sorry to be all mysterious but we are not allowed to chat too much about it as it's a brand new cooking programme showing in a few months time.
We all stayed in a hotel that is inside the building to the left of the London Eye, you can see it in the picture above, so we were in a really good central place.
Seeing as I've discovered this amazing video thing on here you can see my video of what happened at the very bottom of this post!
I had a fine time - one day London travel pass in hand, I trundled off to Harrods!
I thought I'd share a few pictures with you for anyone that has never been there.

Harrods is huge - you can get lost in there. I headed straight for the food hall as you do.
Loads of different cheese's from just about everywhere were on sale.

The ceiling is amazing - it's different in each part of the food hall.
All different kinds of coffee are sold.
I love looking at all the 'fancy' food they have. The prices are quite fancy too!!
These lobster halves were actually not too bad in price considering this is Harrods they were £17.95 for each half.
Although a cauliflower was £3.95 compared with the normal 'everywhere else' price of around 89 to 99 pence! I shouldn't think I'd have made my cauliflower soup if I had to shop there! A baby gem lettuce was also £3.95 in Harrods.
Below: Lots of posh looking chocolates.
The Sushi bar - not sure on the prices here but I did notice a
small glass of white wine was £9.95
This Valentines chocolate heart (hollow) was a mere £150
........and nope Paul is not getting one!
Then I headed off to the pet department - no pictures of the animals cats, dogs, bunnies etc as photographs are quite rightly not allowed there.
The Egyptian stair case or escalator is used to get to the pet department.
I also stopped by the television department where you can buy a 70inch Television for the absolute bargain price of £30,000 - Yep 30 grand!!
Now this is a Cat Bed! A real bargain at £395.....not!
Also in pink for the same price - can't be bad eh?!
Later on we (our team of four people) met up to eat - I was in need of food!!
I must say the other team members are all really nice people and I'm really glad to have met them.

This was our starter - between three of us as one person couldn't get there early enough to eat with us. A right bargain that was as Monday night was 50% off all food! It's a pub chain called (much to my horror) 'The Slug and Lettuce' what a yucky name!
Now here's a very blurred picture (but you get the idea) of the London Eye
at night!
So, if you really feel the need, you can watch the 'Jan can talk for England'
version of what happened below!


A stroll around Much Wenlock, Shropshire

This post has nothing to do with food, it's just something I thought some people might find interesting. On Saturday just gone, we went for a walk around Much Wenlock. It's about 5 miles from where we live, so we went in the car, parked up and had a walk about. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

Picture Below;
The 'Police station' on the left is now someones house! It looks very similar to the old Police station in Ironbridge that has now become a really nice Indian restaurant.

Below; I had to take a picture of this - it's called 'The Mutton Shut' - you can read about it here.

Apparently 'shuts' were cobbled short cuts to other areas and usually named after nearby pubs. There is also a George and Dragon Shut in Much Wenlock.

Passing by some of the shops in Much Wenlock.

In this picture you can see a bit of a queue to get into butchers - I have heard from several people that it is such a good butchers that there is always a queue and at Christmas it goes into the next street!

You can read more about the history of Much Wenlock here

A Walk to Ironbridge, Shropshire

This post has nothing to do with food, it's just something I thought people might find interesting. The Iron Bridge was built in 1779, and was the first structural use of cast iron.

I love Ironbridge itself, which is also the name of the place. There is so much history there and there's also a Victorian Town further down the road at a place called Blists Hill.

Yesterday we took a walk there and the following pictures are in order of that walk.

Down a steep hill - well it's seems steep on the way back up!

A house at the bottom of that hill.

Here's a cute looking pub called 'The Horse and Jockey'

A Rooftop!

Now were are at the old Police Station, which has since been turned into an Indian Restaurant. It's our favorite place to eat Indian and is called 'The Pondicherry'

A couple of other restaurants on the way down.

An old fashioned sweet shop called Memory Lane Sweets.

Now we are at the Iron Bridge itself, with tourists everywhere!

Just past the bridge still walking down by the river there are many shops, Bed and Breakfast places and loads of Pubs!

I love the little side streets.

Below is the main street, with the river on the left.

Below are the Lincoln Hill Lime Kilns.

Under tremendous heat, rock hard limestone was transformed into powdery-fine lime in the lime kilns.
Lime kilns have been found in the Gorge since medieval times.
These kilns operated from about 1760 to 1870 when Lincoln Hill supplied huge quantities of lime stone to the surrounding iron furnaces.

Below is one of the many pubs!

And finally, this is the view from where I'm sat with my wine in one of our favorite pubs! 'The Swan' in Ironbridge.

The Beautiful Greek Island of Thassos

We'd never been to Thassos until now but I must admit I didn't realise it so beautiful and very green too.

We stayed in 'The Four Seasons Apartments and Studios' and they were fantastic.
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