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Indian Butter Chicken - Murgh Makhani Recipe

I've been watching Gordon Ramsay's 'Great Escape' on TV - a fantastic programme!  However, when the book was published I'm thinking something is wrong with the butter chicken recipe. In the programme talking about the butter chicken he had there, Gordon said "It doesn't taste tart - like it's been laced with tomato uses fresh tomatoes" 

Now, this is all very strange because the book says to use 275ml of tomato puree and there's not a mention of a tomato fresh or tinned!  That said, I must point out that in the USA tomato puree is known as tomato paste perhaps a misunderstanding by whoever wrote the book.

Indian Butter Chicken

So, there I was, everything ready to go until I noticed the amount of tomato puree. Not only would the dish have been very bitter, there would have been no sauce at all.
With all that in mind, I set about looking up different recipes on the net and the result is my 'titivated' version of Indian butter chicken.

Chinese Curry - Tastes Just Like Takeaway

Have you ever wondered how they make the kind of Chicken Curry you get from the takeaway? Well read on and find out how.  Of course, I can only speak of the kind of curry we get here in the UK Chinese restaurant's and takeaways.

There are two sauce's you need. One is 'Hot and Spicy' Curry Sauce Concentrate and the other is a sauce mix sold in a packet, brand name Mai Mai and is called 'Genuine Chinese Curry Mix'.
It was my brother Michael that first dabbled about in the kitchen and came up with this recipe which it has to be said is spot on.

Also you might wonder, as I did, how the chicken is always so tender in Chinese restaurants?  I asked the woman in a Chinese supermarket how it was done and this is what I was told. All I can say is, it may sound strange, but it works!  Frying cubes of chicken can sometimes result it being a bit on the tough side.


The Best Chicken Vindaloo Recipe

Okay, as you know we do like a nice curry now and then!  I'm always trying different types of curry and messing about with recipes until now, at last, I have perfected Chicken Vindaloo.

 If you want an ordinary chicken curry, leave out the white wine vinegar.


Thai Red Chicken Curry

I first blogged about Thai Red Chicken Curry back in April, but I've since made it a few more times and have modified my recipe to perfection - well say I anyway! 
  So, with that in mind, I've decided to remove the old post and start again.
I made this last night but couldn't get red birds eye chillies yesterday so I used green ones. I think red look nicer, but in these pictures you will see green ones, just take no notice!
Too lazy to go upstairs and get my camera, I used the camera on my phone and forgot to put that macro thingey on for close up's so some aren't too sharp.  Anyway, you'll get the gist......
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