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The English Kitchen Cookbook Review

Food blogger friend of mine Marie from The English Kitchen blog has just published her first hardback book and what a book it is, 724 pages!

This book is more like an encyclopedia covering just about everything. From The Full English Breakfast to Elevenses, Lunch, Salads, Sandwiches and Soups to Sunday Lunch, Side Dishes, Leftovers and the Saturday Night Takeaway. Now if that's not enough Marie covers Sauces, Desserts and Festive Feasts including Bank Holiday and other Holiday events such as Bonfire Night and Halloween.

The English Kitchen Cookbook

Basic cooking techniques, conversion charts and substitutions are all helpful. I love that Marie has added a bit about Ingredients and their translations, this is so helpful to many people especially if they're from the States.  I remember writing a recipe her on this blog of mine once that mentioned the vegetable Swede; well that caused a bit of conversation with many people asking what is a swede? Of course I've since discovered it's called Rutabaga in the US!

This book is huge and is well written and as I know Marie, I know the recipes will work - unlike some top chefs that have books published I think some need to get better proofreaders since I've found a few errors; yes indeed, even in Paul Hollywood's book 'How to Bake' but that's another story.


Hungry Healthy Happy - Book Review

I'm so pleased to have been asked to review this book; Dannii is a fellow blogger friend that I really admire.  She is the award-winning author of Hungry Healthy Happy, a blog about healthy eating, exercise and weight loss.  Her personal journey with weight loss began when, in her mid-twenties, she found herself overweight and suffering with health problems as a direct result.  But Dannii decided to reclaim her health and change the way she related to food.

By cooking home-cooked meals from scratch and combined with regular exercise Dannii lost 98 lb (7 stone) and reached her goal weight in just three years.

Before this Dannii says she had mainly survived on store-bought ready meals and takeaways but now started cooking healthy, home-cooked meals discovering a passion for cooking in the process.  Her new-found love of cooking and increased awareness of what she was putting into her body. She has since been maintaining a healthy lifestyle by developing nutritious versions of her favourite meals and sharing them on her blog.

Olive it! The Essential Olive Recipe Book - Giveaway

The Olive it!  Recipe Book features a delicious ensemble of olive marinades, tapenades, tapas feasting tips and recipes that will surely spark your imagination.


Designed to inspire you, this beautiful recipe book will take you on a journey of true discovery. Combining tradition with a contemporary twist, the Olive it! Recipe Book features over 40 recipes such as Green Olives with Figs, Orange and Bay Leaves to more adventurous combinations such as Black Olives with Wasabi, Ginger and Smoked Salmon, and Green Olives with Manchego, Chorizo and Melon.

Roundup of Great Foodie Books - Chocolates and Snacks

Oooh what a fantastic lot of foodie books I have here; along with yummy chocolates from Elizabeth Shaw and Snacking Salami from The Serious Pig.....Well that's a bit of a mixture I hear you say, and indeed it is but all are well worth checking out!

Listed in no particular order (although you all know I'm a big lover of cheese) here we go.

Roundup - Charcuterie Wine and Recipe Books!

A roundup of new and exciting food related products that I've been lucky enough to receive this past month - please note they are listed in no particular order.

The Carnivore Club

This is British Charcuterie at it's best; each box delivered to your door from Carnivore Club contains between 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans.
Our box arrived in perfect condition and the contents were from Deli Farm Charcuterie in Cornwall.  Our box contained Sliced Coppa, Spicy Chorizo, Pancetta, Devil's Poker (a spicy salami stick) Garlic Salami and Coppa Chops.

I must say we're really impressed with the whole thing from the packaging, delivery and quality of the meats.  The Carnivore Club is a great way to try many different cured meat products and also to learn about them too.  A really helpful booklet is included in each box and explains more about the supplier and the products included in the box.   

Subscription members pay £29/month and sign up for a 3 month minimum, and can cancel anytime once that period has passed.  However, if you don't want to join the club you can order a single box for just £32

The Carnivore Club is also available in the USA and Canada.  Treat yourself or send a box as a gift.

**I have a discount code for my readers - to receive 20% off your first purchase - please use Oil20 at checkout.

Carnivore Club Twitter @carnivoreclubUK

Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse

If you're craving junk foods and feeling sluggish and tired then this is the book for you.  Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse by Shauna Martin.  You don't need to starve yourself on the Daily Greens cleanse and you can make these green recipes in your own kitchen, anytime you want.

The book says; reset your body, lose weight, or just give yourself a much-needed energy boost.  I really need an energy boost and I really ought to have a go at the 4-day cleanse.  A great book packed with interesting information and healthy recipe ideas.   

Author Shauna Martin
Price £14.99
Published by Race Point Publishing Quarto

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

More than a mix of rich history, gorgeous beaches, and warm blue waters, the countries along the Mediterranean Sea and their people have a history of living longer and healthier lives and you can too!  By simply following a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, even drinking wine with meals, you can prevent diseases and prolong your life.

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook integrates the latest research and clinical findings with 100 delicious, authentic, easy recipes and Mediterranean lifestyle tips while dispelling any myths and misinformation.

I really like this book, I love Mediterranean food so the recipes are just my kind of thing. Fresh colourful food from all over the med.  Also it's great that the book contains gluten free variations of some recipes.

Author Amy Riolo
Price £14.99
Published by Fair Winds Press Quarto

Wilde Thing wine by Lisa McGuigan

Fourth generation of an Australian wine dynasty, Lisa McGuigan launches her self-titled collection of wines in the UK. Lisa combines a wealth of wine knowledge and a flare for fashion to launch an Australian wine that speaks to consumers rather than intimidating them. 

Now I know very little about wine but what I do know is we both loved this.  Nice and refreshing and really easy to drink.  Perfect for sharing a bottle in the garden on a nice summers day or, if you ask me, any day for that matter!

Wilde Thing RRP: £7.00
Chardonnay Pinot Grigio
Clear pale straw in colour
Aromas of apple and pear combine with peach on a fruit forward nose
Palate: Apple and peach on the palate are complimented by a long refreshing finish
Food pairing: Fresh seafood or a mango salsa

For more information and where to buy pop over to Lisa McGuigan Wines
Twitter @lmcguiganwines

i heart Wines 

The grapes for the 2013 i heart Pinot Grigio were sourced from all over Hungary.  This is a fresh, crisp, dry white wine.  Delicate citrus aromas and lemon and lime flavours, with great balance and freshness on the palate.  Best served chilled - a great match for grilled white fish, seafood salads, chicken dishes or simply on its own.

As I mentioned before I know very little about wine - all I know is I either like it or I don't and this Pinot Grigio was easy to drink and very refreshing and yes I really liked it.

i heart Pinot Grigio £6.00
Light and Crisp

For more information and where to buy pop over to i heart wines
Twitter @iheartwines

Disclaimer - Many thanks to the brands mentioned for sending me these products to try.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

Anyone, especially vegetarians and vegans will love this book; a sophisticated vegetarian cookbook with everything you need to feel at home in the kitchen, cooking in the most nourishing and delicious ways.

Amy Chaplin has a love for whole food and with her expertise as a chef has written a book to entice everyone to eat well every meal, every day. She provides all the knowhow for creating delicious, healthy dishes based on unprocessed, unrefined food - from the basics of good eating to preparing seasonal feasts all year round.

Part One; lays the foundation: how best to stock your cupboard. Not simply a list of ingredients and equipment, it provides real working knowledge of how and why to use ingredients, plus an arsenal of simple recipes for daily nourishment.

Part two; is a collection of recipes celebrating vegetarian cooking in its brightest, whole, most delectable form, with such vibrant dishes as black rice breakfast pudding with coconut and banana; fragrant aubergine curry with cardamom basmati rice, apricot chutney and lime raita; and honey vanilla bean ice cream with roasted plums and coconut crunch. Inspirational, healthy, sustainable and delicious - this is whole food cooking for everyone.

Giveaway Bitter - Recipe Book

Another lovely book published by Jacqui Small titled Bitter written by Jennifer McLagan; exploring the complex world of this under-appreciated flavour, Bitter takes readers on a journey through the spectrum of bitterness, using ingredients such as grapefruit and citrus zests, chicory, chocolate, beer and tobacco.  

The book is divided into different categories such as greens, liquids, vegetables and fruits and also looks at surprisingly bitter, dark and very bitter foods; what do coffee, IPA beer, dark chocolate, and radicchio all have in common?  They’re bitter.


One-Pot Gourmet Gardener - Book

What a great book this is - full of lovely looking and easy to follow recipes.  Each recipe is followed though from the container pot it grew in to the recipe itself.  Step-by-step growing instructions on how to grow fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs.  And before you think (like me) you don't have a garden big enough, this book shows you how to grow produce in container pots.

Even if you grow just one herb in a simple flower pot it's a start. Take the herb basil for example; how much nicer it would be to add your own home grown herb to a pasta dish?   I'm feeling inspired by this book so as soon as it stops raining I'm going to give this a go!


Fitness Gourmet - Book Review

If you're into fitness or generally just want to look after your body and are finding it hard to follow any sort of eating plan then this is the book for you.

Written by Christian Coates, the brainchild behind Soulmatefood - this book is packed full of easy to make, seriously mouthwatering recipes.  I really love the style of this book, it's full of interesting facts about food and drink.  I'd say it's the only fitness type book I've ever picked up and thought 'right something has to be done here' I need to sort my body out.  I actually want to read it, and I want to do something about sorting myself out.  Since it arrived I haven't been able to put it down and my diet plan starts as of this Monday - seriously.

I have a Reader Offer to get this book at a discounted price so please read on.

Digestive Health - Gut Gastronomy Book Review

A really interesting book with great photography and lovely recipes throughout.  This hardback is well worth having a look at.  If you want to look after yourself and I know I really should start eating more healthily, this is a great book. 

Written by Vicki Edgson and Adam Palmer, this innovative book introduces a whole new way of eating with a unique plan developed specifically at Grayshott Spa, one of the world’s leading health spas in Surrey UK.

Café Kitchen by Shelagh Ryan - Book Review

The Café Kitchen is the first book written by Australian-born foodie Shelagh Ryan, founder of London’s Lantana Cafés.  Shelagh grew up in Brisbane, Australia in a family that loved to cook and eat.
Cover of Cafe Kitchen Cookbook

A hard back book with 160 pages and 120 photographs this book makes you want to cook everything in it.  The brilliant photography by Kate Whitaker really draws you to the recipes.  The recipes themselves are easy to follow and sound delicious.  Simple, relaxed food perfect for informal dining perfect for chilling out indoors.
Categories include Breakfast and Brunch which includes Drinks and Chutney's, Small Bites, Salads and Soups, Larger Plates, and Cakes and Bakes.

My thoughts:
I really, really like this book, you know how when you first open a cookbook and flick though you're instantly drawn to certain dishes?  Well personally I'm drawn to loads of of them - yes this book is packed full of the kind of recipes I like to cook and eat.
The Braised Chicken with Bacon, Saffron, Tomato and Potato has to happen, it looks so, so good. In fact I'm annoyed with myself as I have everything to make this recipe apart from celery and parsley or I'd make this for dinner tonight.  I could have easily bought these yesterday, I can't go out today since I have to wait in for a parcel but fear not this will be made soon for sure.

Tomato Soup with Fennel, Garlic and Basil Drizzle sounds lovely too.  Thai Fishcakes with Nahm Jim Dipping Sauce is another dish I've labeled 'must happen soon in my kitchen'.

This book has a good few vegetarian dishes too.  As I'm writing this review I've just noticed Cheddar Cornbread with Tomato Chilli Jam - Mmm yes please I'll have me some of that!
Lovers of all things cake will really like Sticky Toffee Ginger Loaf or the famous Lantana Crack Cakes - a mix of bananas. pineapple, cinnamon and pecans with a cream cheese icing.  

Would I recommend this book?
The answers is most definitely yes.  A wide range of scrummy yummy recipes that really inspire you to get cooking. 

Café Kitchen by Shelagh Ryan is published by Ryland Peters and has a RRP of £16.99 hardback.
You can follow Shelagh on Twitter @lantanacafe

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Ryland Peters for sending me this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review. 


Sprinkles Book - Colourful Dessert Recipes and Ideas

Whoever would have thought of 'embroidering' sprinkles onto cookies?  This book is a guide to baking and decorating desserts with a colorful twist: Sprinkles! 
Scattering them over cakes and pies, but you can also swirl them into waffles and freeze them in lovely popsicles. 

Please note - all pictures are taken from the book with permission of the publisher and are purely for the purpose of the review.

A great book by Jackie Alpers with dozens of creative, colorful and fun recipes and quick-and-easy projects (ideal for little kids). 
Simple tutorials for tinting sparkling sugars, concocting homemade pop rocks, and even making your own sprinkles at home. 

I am fascinated to learn you can actually 'grow' your own rock sugar crystals in a jar on sticks, I just have to do this!  Apparently it takes two weeks and of course it's edible.

The mini candy apples are perfect for Christmas and the holidays.

The recipe for Gingersnap Cookie Butter looks good, and what about these pretty Windowpane Cookies made with translucent candies?  

Nothing looks too hard to make either which is good and  there's a handy list of online stockists which can be found at the back of the book.  Sprinkles is written by Jackie Alpers and published by Quirk Books.

You can follow Jackie's culinary adventures on her blog 'Jackie's Happy Plate'

Many thanks to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group for sending me a copy to review.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

American Hot Pizza Pie - Jamie Oliver

Jamie's latest book titled 'Save with Jamie' is aimed at shopping smart, cooking clever and having less waste.  With 120 money saving meals there's bound to be loads you will want to make.  Covering a wide range of lovely ingredients you'll find recipes to suit every-ones taste. 

American Hot Pizza Pie
The TV series to accompany the book 'Jamie's Money Saving Meals' currently showing on Monday nights on Channel 4 in the UK.

I've just had a go at making the American Hot Pizza Pie and the recipe was easy to follow and since the recipe makes four good sized pizzas so you can cook one or two and freeze the others before the cooking stage.

Noodlemania - Easy and Fun Pasta Recipes for Kids

For any parent with kids that are fussy eaters, I imagine actually getting them to eat can be a nightmare.
Since pasta seems to be loved by most kids and comes in a humongous range of shapes and sizes, with the help of 'Noodlemania' those nightmare feeding times could be over. 

 This book contains fifty fun looking recipes that kids will love to help make and more importantly, eat!

Cooking with Flowers - Book Review and Giveaway

Cooking with Flowers has to be in my Top Five Best Books, this really is, in my opinion, one amazing book.  I mean I already knew that some flowers are edible, but I didn't know just how many or of the delightful things that can be conjured up using them.  

Flowers and herb flowers make everything so pretty, especially on a plate.  I'm sure we've all seen the contestants of the fantastic 'Masterchef' on TV use flowers in their recipes or to decorate the plate - but if you want to know where to start and which flowers you can eat, this is the book for you.
Orchids are such beautiful flowers and this book shows how you can use them for example, in a seafood saute, and an orchid pineapple upside down cake.  

Campfire Cuisine - Must Have Book for Camping

Campfire Cuisine - Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors shows there's certainly more to campfire cooking than burgers and hot dogs!

Containing over 100 recipes that can be made whilst camping or in any outdoor setting.  That said, every recipe comes with a little note if your wanting to make the same recipe at home, so this book isn't just for campers!  A lovely chubby book is about the size of your hand which means it's easy to take with you.

What sort of recipes will I find in this book?
Covering a wide range of delicious sounding recipes from Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Figs (sounds good to me) to Bananas Foster French Toast, Grilled Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese,
Salmon with Balsamic Fig Sauce, Spicy Orange Chicken, Jambalaya to Maple-Caramel Baked Apples.  There are loads of marinades, sauces and flavoured butters that can be easily rustled up too.

Possible Breast Cancer Prevention - Through Diet

Can the food we eat reduce the risk of breast cancer?  
I have to say I'm a bit of a believer that with most forms of cancer there sadly doesn't seem to be (to me) very much you can do to prevent it.  But after reading this book about what we eat, and how that might have some impact on preventing breast cancer, then I'd say it's well worth considering and perhaps changing our diet a little.

About the writer, Julia B. Greer, MD MPH:
Julia is an epidemiologist whose work focuses on pancreatic, ovarian, and breast cancers. She was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy, Princeton University, Mount Sinai Medical School, Georgetown University Hospital, and the Graduate School of Public Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

In addition to being a physician and an accomplished writer, she is presently a faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.

Considering breast cancer is the third most common type of cancer diagnosed among women in the UK.  It is second only to lung cancer as a leading cause of cancer death in women. 
In 2011 there were 11,633 women that died from breast cancer.

The really scary part is, anyone can get cancer. There is no single diet, food, or nutrient that will keep you from getting cancer.  However, in the same way that wearing a seat-belt may protect you from being injured in a car accident, eating certain types of food may help to protect you from developing many cancers, including breast cancer.

Now for My Bit:
The Anti-Breast Cancer Cookbook is certainly very interesting and informative.  This paperback book doesn't have any fancy pictures of food for the recipes, nor is it in colour.  What it does have, is more than 250 recipes that are easy to follow and have no need to buy any fancy cookware.  
It is very well written and presented.  Recipe ingredients aren't anything outrageous or expensive, and they aren't things you (well I) can't pronounce like there are in some cookbooks!  Although some of the ingredients are American brand items, us lot in the UK can very easily find the same UK alternative.  

Love the simple no fuss style of book inside:

The recipes in this cookbook are packed with power antioxidants, super easy to follow and the ingredients are readily available.

Every recipe shows the nutritional serving information, number of calories, grams of fat, salt, fibre content.  Many of the recipes are are Vegan, Vegetarian, and over half are Gluten-Free
From breads, breakfasts, dips, sauces, side dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers to more formal dishes for dinner parties.

Oh and in case you were wondering, desserts and beverages haven't been missed out either!

Considering the UK has the 11th highest incidents of breast cancer in the world, I'd say this book is well worth buying.

Big thank you to Mat over at PGUK Publishers Group for sending me a copy to review.

All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.


The Forager's Kitchen - Book Review and Giveaway

Foraging is not only the latest food trend but it can become a pastime too.
Eating 'off the land' means working with the seasons.  Free food can be found around and about without whether you live in a city, the countryside or by the sea.  All without too much effort involved this book shows you how to make the most of what you've found.  

The Forager's Kitchen Book

An hardback book full of more that 100 recipes showing you just how easy it is to find what amounts to free food and what can be made from it.
Covering edible wild flowers, herbs, berries and more, you'll find delicious recipes from Honeysuckle jelly, Carrot and Clover cake, Wild Thyme sorbet, Garlic Mustard, Chickweed and Tomato brushetta and far, far more.

Brilliant photography throughout by Peter Moore (foraging photos) and the recipe photos by Stuart West are stunning.

I think you'll agree these Wild Mushrooms tarts look wonderful.

Or how about these Violet Macaroons?

The recipes are easy to follow and all in all this is a very interesting and handy book to have.
 The Forager’s Kitchen by Fiona Bird is published by Cico Books at £16.99 and is available from

Thank you to Lauren for sending me this book to review and supplying a giveaway copy.

Now for the Giveaway!
I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader of A Glug of Oil 
in this very easy to enter competition.

 Entries must be via the Rafflecopter widget and the prize can only be sent to a UK postcode. 
 To see a short video on how easy it is to use Rafflecopter click here.
*Inappropriate comments will be deleted and entry/entries to the competition removed.  
 For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here - Entries that do not show the URL of the Tweet will be removed.
There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries, including bonus daily entries.
Competition end time is as shown on the Rafflecopter widget.
Good Luck Everyone! 


Giveaway - Burgers and Sliders Book

This is a seriously good book and I love all the different ideas.  The photography is fantastic and with over 30 gourmet recipes to choose from it's hard to pick which to make first. .

From the Beef Wellington Burger (in a shortcrust pastry bun) to a Cheesy Root Vegetable Burger, then there's the Pork and Antipasti Burger served between Foccacia rolls with Lemon Mayo, or what about Christmas Canape Sliders with Cranberry Sauce and Camembert?
Sometimes just the Classic Beef Burger is does the trick:

Pie Pops Book - Miniature Sweet and Savoury Treats

Pie Pops - easy to make miniature treats for all occasions.  This new title by Carol Hilker is packed full of all your favourite pies, but in miniature lollipop form! 

Sweet Pie Pops:
Covering sweet pies from deliciously sticky Butterscotch Pecan Pies and the light-as-a-cloud Coconut Cream Pies.  Fruit Pies includes all-time classics such as Cherry Pies or the traditional Blueberry Pie Pops. For the ultimate indulgence, bake a batch of Chocolate Pies.  Boston Cream Pie Pops or the luxurious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pies or how about Sundae Alaska Pie Pops?
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