Delectable Gourmet Gift Ideas for Foodies

In a world of consumerism, it can be tricky finding gifts that are ethical, and which are needed. As more and more people are trying to be more aware of the waste that they are producing and the strain that their purchases have on the environment, edible gifts are steadily on the rise.

We take a look at some quirky, luxurious but fun gifts for men and women who love their food and value outstanding quality.

Sweetie Tree
Sweets aren’t just for kids, with many adults indulging in a bag of sweet treats as their guilty pleasure. This sweet tree is seriously grown up – an ideal gift for adults with a sweet tooth. Teachers, grandparents, parents or friends will love this quirky gift – which can be personalised for that extra special touch.

Haribo Tree made of sweets

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Cheese Accompaniments
Yep, it’s all about the cheese, and with an ever-growing array of cheeses, crackers and chutneys coming onto the market, trying new combinations and flavours can be a full-time job. It’s got to the point that choosing the cheese is the easy bit; finding the accompaniments is the challenge.

The Manfood Cheese Lover's Box contains two types of delicious cracker, chunky piccalilli and an ale chutney, which go with everything from a gum-tingling cheddar to a ripe brie. A fabulous, ethically packaged gift for the man (or woman) who loves cheese.

Cheese Lover's Box

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Biscuit Card
Why buy a birthday card that will go on to be thrown away, when you can buy a biscuit card? The Biscuiteers make delicious biscuits for all occasions; and when we say biscuits, we are talking a whole new level of melt-in-the-mouth, irresistibly iced artisan biscuits that are as much art as they are food.  

Personalised Biscuit Card

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Luxury Hamper
If you are looking for a truly special gift but are stuck for ideas, a hamper could be the perfect solution. There are dozens of options to choose from to suit all tastes and occasions, from cheese hampers to cream teas, speciality chocolate hamper to Guinness boxes. Showcasing some of the finest nibbles and drinks from around the world, this luxury hamper oozes is irresistibly extravagant; a real treat.

Luxury Hamper

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Spice Set
For most food lovers, there is a natural progression into trying to recreate some of your favourite tastes. Curry is a firm favourite as it is warming, hearty and often evokes memories of balmy evenings and exotic locations. However, getting the balance right can be a challenge.

A specialist spice set with recipe book is the perfect way to get your foodie friend started on the right track when it comes to making the perfect curry and this Curry Legend World Curries Cookbook and Spices Set ticks all of the boxes.

Spices with Curry Book

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Personalised Chocolate
Back to those sweet treats, personalised chocolate is a great one for people of all ages. After all, if something has your name on it, it’s out of bounds to everyone else, surely? There are a host of personalised chocolate products on the market, from ones that spell out a message to named chocolate bars, but this personalised face lollipop takes it to a whole new level. Get a life-sized replica of the recipient’s face, leaving no doubt whatsoever about just who the chocolate belongs to.

Personalised Edible Face Lollipop Gift

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When it comes to choosing gifts, small changes can help to make a big difference to the environment. Make it edible, reduce waste and, most importantly, bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

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