Indian-spiced Lamb Meatball Pizzas

I especially like using lamb in Indian dishes as it can handle the lovely spices without them overpowering the lamb. A really easy and tasty favourite of mine is to make these Indian-spiced meatballs and serve on a soft tortilla; kinda pizza style. Soft tortillas topped with tomatoes, cucumber and mango chutney drizzled with cooling riata.

They're so easy to make and take just 35 minutes from prep to table; the perfect starter to an Indian meal.

Spicy Lamb Meatball Pizzas

I use tortillas as they're much lighter than a pizza dough base so make a great Indian tapas/starter dish to an Indian meal or a light lunch. You could also serve these mini meatballs minus the tortilla in little dishes with a few different dips. Or you could half the amount of filling and make them into wraps.

Indian spiced Lamb Meatball Pizzas

I think a lot of people are worried about cooking lamb because they think they may not be able to get it perfect, but it really is easy to cook. Lamb is such a versatile meat and can be used to make a huge variety of dishes. Perfect for skewers, burgers, or spicy middle eastern koftes or of course moussaka that reminds me of holidays in the Greek islands.

Yield: 26 Mini Meatballs

Indian-spiced Lamb Meatball Pizzas


Frylight spray - sunflower oil
250g lamb mince
1 small red onion - very finely chopped
1 smallish sized green chilli - very finely chopped
1 clove garlic - peeled and very finely chopped
Freshly chopped coriander - leaves only and enough to make a tablespoon
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 coriander 
1/2 teaspoon hot chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of sea salt and black pepper
4 small soft tortillas


Mango Chutney (from a jar)
Freshly chopped coriander leaves
Tomatoes - deseeded and sliced
Cucumber - deseeded and sliced
Red onion - thinly sliced
Red or Green Chilli - thinly sliced


Put the lamb mince into a bowl and add the onion, chilli, garlic and freshly chopped coriander leaves. Sprinkle over the turmeric, coriander, chilli powder, cumin and cinnamon, sea salt and black pepper. 

Mix the spices into the lamb taking care not to over mix or your meatballs will look mushy and lose texture. Take a tiny piece of the meatball mixture and fry in a pan till cooked then taste and adjust the seasoning of the mixture before continuing. 

Once you're happy with the taste take a small amount and shape into a ball the size of a marble.

Repeat until you've used all the mixture; you'll end up with approx. 26 small meatballs.  

Heat up a large frying pan and add one spray of oil. Cook the meatballs for a few minutes, turning so they brown evenly.  They really won't take long to cook (about 5 minutes) as they're so small.

Spread mango chutney over the tortillas and add the meatballs and serve straight away.
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Or how about traditional shepherds pie or slow cooked shanks that melt in the mouth; both perfect for a cold winter's day. So aside from the usual Sunday lamb roast I say give lamb a go and you won't be disappointed.

For loads of great information about Lamb pop over to the Tasty Easy Lamb website.

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  1. I love lamb meatballs, so much more flavour than traditional pork ones. These look delicious!

  2. A great, different way to use tortillas! There are some lovely flavours in there.

  3. I'm a big fan of lamb but I don't think I've ever used it in Meatballs. This is a great idea and I love the lighter version of a pizza using wraps.

    1. Cheers Claire - yes I like pizza but always find there's too much bread. Wraps are the way to go!

  4. I've made little spicy lamb meatballs before to serve with a harissa and tomato sauce. This is a logical extension - a great way to have a whole meal rather than a starter.

    1. Oooh yes that would be nice Fiona - love harissa :)

  5. This is SUCH a good idea - and such a tasty twist!

  6. The pizzas look really juicy - I hate dry food so found this really appealing.


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