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Kitchen Products and Herb Scissors from New Soda

Well I have to admit I hadn't heard of New Soda until just recently when I was kindly sent a few of their products to try. I'm pleased to say I really think they're excellent products and do exactly what they say they will and are great quality and reasonably priced too.

Kitchen Products from New Soda

The Sinkstation is a great little invention; a flat colander that enables you to prepare your veg and as it fits neatly into the bottom of your sink.  It then catches peeling ready for you to dispose of then you can rinse your veggies under the tap and tilt it slightly to drain away any excess water.  Not only that but it's brilliant for defrosting items on the draining board rather than having a pool of water on the counter top or on a plate.

The Sinkstation is by no means flimsy but well made and sturdy. I love that it's a flat colander since I have very little space in my kitchen to store things.

Sinkstation from New Soda

The Big Peeler is certainly big making light work of larger veggies or fruit such as swede and pineapple. Okay it's a little bit large for carrots but does a great job and it glided though swede with no trouble whatsoever; yep a really nice peeler.

Big Peeler from New Soda

These 'Love Herbs' scissors are brilliant - keep them in the pot with your herbs and they're always at hand ready to snip. They are sharp and also have a handy little leaf stripper which I should have taken a photo of.  They are well made and did a great job of snipping tough woody stems of rosemary.

Herb Scissors from New Soda

All the products are available in a few different colours too. Check out New Soda for more information and other products.

Prices at the time of writing:
Big Peeler £8
Sinkstaion £12
Love Herbs £8

Disclosure:  I was sent these products to try.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to writ anything positive.  


  1. I love the idea of the herb scissors staying in the pot, as I am constantly looking for a pair to cut my window herbs x

  2. Super useful, will keep look out for them!

  3. We have just bought some herbs (which will hopefully grow) so will look out for these! x


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