ActiFry Arancini - Tefal Slimmers Secret Supercook Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I competed against 5 lovely bloggers in the Tefal ActiFry Slimmers Secret Supercook Challenge; we each cooked up our most favourite dish in the ActiFry. Ever since I got my ActiFry I've used it loads so I know what it can do and I was up for the challenge!

We absolutely love Arancini, it's an Italian dish of small rice balls made from leftover risotto which are then stuffed with a savoury filling and coated in breadcrumbs; we like a combo of mozzarella and red pesto.

Arancini are usually deep fried in oil, but making them in the ActiFry is a much healthier option and that means they contain far less calories too. I even made the risotto in the ActiFry and then let it cool. Cooking anything in the ActiFry doesn't compromise on taste either; just a few sprays of Frylight or similar and you're on the way to crunchy, crispy, cheesy rice goodness in every bite.

It's a shame I didn't get to take a picture of the inside as when cut open the mozzarella is lovely and gooey and pesto not only adds a bit of colour but tastes delicious too. I was so engrossed in cooking I didn't have time to get me camera.

We all know the ActiFry cooks fantastic chips but it can be used to cook far more than you'd think possible. I know as I was really surprised when I got mine and started experimenting. It's so versatile and you can cook almost anything in it. The only difference is your dishes will be healthier and contain a lot less calories which can only be a good thing.  

Anyway I really need your help to win the Slimmers Secret Supercook Challenge so to see my Arancini recipe.

Take a look at this video and then pop over to and vote for me by clicking on the Big Red VOTE button underneath my video 😊 Just by voting you could Win a Luxury Spa Weekend Break for Two so please pop over now and vote; oh and a few people will each win a ActiFry XL so Good Luck Everyone!


ActiFry Mozzarella and Red Pesto Arancini

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2 x Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes - dissolved in 900ml of boiling water
50g Unsalted Butter - cubed
1 medium sized Onion - finely chopped
1 clove Garlic - peeled and very finely chopped
250g Arborio Rice
40g Parmesan - grated
Flat Leaf Parsley – enough to 1 ½ tbs
100g Buffalo Mozzarella - cut into small cubes
Red Pesto

To Coat the Arancini:
Plain Flour (approx. 100g)
2 large Free Range Eggs
Panko Crumbs (approx. 150g)
Frylight Sunflower Oil (spray bottle)

  • Add the butter and onions to the ActiFry and cook for 5 minutes.  
  • Now add the rice and garlic and set to cook for 2 minutes.
  • Add 400ml hot stock and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Add another 400ml and cook for a further 12-15 minutes. 
  • Check the rice is cooked and if needed add the remaining stock and cook for a further 4 - 5 minutes.
  • Stir in the chopped parsley and the Parmesan.
  • Spread the risotto onto a tray and pop into the fridge to cool completely; takes about 15 minutes.
Make and Cook the Arancini:
  • Get a plate ready to put the Arancini rice balls onto once they are made.  
  • Line up 3 bowls: one for the flour, one for the egg and one for the panko crumbs.
  • Wet your hands and take a small amount of the cold risotto and make a cup shape using your thumb to press down into your hand.  
  • Add a cube of Mozzarella and a small amount of pesto. Take another piece of rice and place on top to fill cover.  
  • Roll into a ball and set aside. Repeat to make each rice ball.
  • Now roll each ball into the flour and coat well. Then roll into the egg and then coat in the panko crumbs.
  • Remove the paddle from the ActiFry spray with oil taking care not to spray oil into the centre part of the ActiFry.
  • Spray the Arancini balls with oil and pop them into the ActiFry.
  • Cook 6 balls at a time for 6 minutes then carefully turn each one and cook for a further 5-6 minutes. Spray with a little more oil if you think they need it.
  • Check the temperature so you know if the mozzarella inside has become molten (62 °C)
  • Serve immediately or keep warm while you cook the rest.

In collaboration with Tefal.


  1. Oooh, great recipe thanks for sharing. I'll be bookmarking ti for later :)

  2. These look fantastic! I absolutely love my actifry but must admit that I'm not very adventurous and only really cook chips or wedges in it. Mus try harder!
    Have voted for you.

  3. It was lovely to finally meet you in person, Jan! Shooting was indeed hectic and I barely remembered to take a photo of my food. Your arancini turned out great!

    1. Good to meet you too Michelle! It was a great day :)


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