Gousto Food Boxes - do the recipes really work?

There are a few online recipe box delivery people out there and I've tried many of them.  But when it comes to the actual recipes I say Gousto have nailed it.  I'm really not meaning to sound like an advert, I'm just saying.  I once joined in a 'Cookalong' with Toshiba and Gousto and their Persian Halloumi recipe has been made loads ever since in this house.

You know how it is, you see a recipe in a book and have a go at making it but most times it never actually looks quite the same as the picture in the book; well they don't for me anyway!  But I've found Gousto recipes really do work and yes these are my own photos and I can tell you they turned out the same as the picture supplied on the recipe card in the box. 

This Curried Chicken with Sultana Rice with Indian Carrot Slaw was really easy to make as was the other recipe in the box; Chicken Red Pepper and Lemongrass Curry.  More importantly they were both were really tasty too. We especially liked the first one with the Indian carrot slaw 😋

Gousto deliver recipes boxes of 2 meals for either 2 or 4 people. Everything in the box was nice and fresh.  Dry ingredients for your chosen recipes are all measured out all you need to do is peel some veg, chop or grate and follow the recipe card supplied.

The above picture show exactly what was in my box for the two recipes.

Two meals for 2 people are currently priced at £27.49 but delivery is FREE - so yes it works out a bit expensive but with that said instead of having a take away or going out to eat then £27.49 is a good price.  There's relatively little to do in the way of actual cooking and there is no waste at all as you use everything in the box.  If you only need 1 onion then that's what's in the box.

Disclosure:  I was sent a Gousto Recipe Box to review .  I was under no obligation to write a post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I've tried Gousto and several other recipe boxes and didn't like them at all. I didn't like the sense of lack of control - I like to be able to chop and change according to the contents of my fridge and cupboards. It always feels as if I am being dictated to. Peerhaps for someone who isn't a keen and creative cook that is less of an issue. But my main issue with those boxes is the amount of waste - not food but packaging. Just look at all that plastic in your photo! It isn't even recyclable! One box I tried, I can't remember which, even included things like salt, pepper and oil, all in plastic pots. In an era when we should all be thinking about the environment and rejecting anything over packaged, these recipe boxes seem totally out of place.

  2. Hi Jane thank you for your comments.

    I've never had salt and pepper or oil included in a Gousto box but I have seen it in other brands of recipe boxes.

    The whole idea of a recipe box is to have everything (pretty much aside salt and pepper) delivered with an easy to follow recipe to cook. They are not intended for people like you or myself who like to use stuff we already have; they're more for people who don't shop as perhaps me and you would and don't like to waste food.

    Yes I agree the carrots need not be in plastic bags! But other dried good (curry powder) do. I'll pass your comment on to Gousto.


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