MiiXR Vortex Mixer - Charges your Devices while you Workout

MiiXR by PROMiXX™ is a beautifully designed Vortex Protein Mixer and lifestyle bottle that will charge your devices while you workout.

Absolutely smashing it's Kickstarter target MiiXR is in the top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns ever, having received $152,936 from 2326 backers, after pledging only $30,000 - fantastic!

MiiXR Protein Mixer Bottle

Can your sports bottle, shaker or blender do this?!
Charge MiiXR using your mobile phone lead but the best thing is once charged MiiXR can charge your devices while you're in the gym or on the go.

Check out this video to see just what this shaker bottle can do.  On watching the video and reading about it I think MiiXR is a brilliant product, but I'll be reviewing one soon so I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.


MiiXR Protein Mixer Bottle- Black and Orange

Available in some eye catching colours; personally I'm loving the black and orange but then again I think all white is cool too.

The motor connects with magnets but is completely detachable and the lid seal on tightly so you wont have any leaks. MiiXR is made from Tritan, a BPA-free plastic that's impact-resistant so won't break if you happen to drop it.  I'm really looking forward to reviewing this product.

For more information pop over to the PROMiXX website.

Twitter @promixxmixer

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