Top Four Halloween Themed Recipes

Thursday, 13 October 2016
I know we say it every year but this year really does seem to have flown by and it's almost Halloween again!  Halloween is a time for sweets, chocolates and a whole lot of face paint.  The kids (and even the adults) are in fancy dress, the trick or treaters are on their way and October is already drawing to a close.

This year, try something new, push the Halloween themed boat out, give yourself an excuse to splash out on that Neff oven you have always wanted and have a go at cooking up some spooky, tasty and easy to make treats.  Stand out from the rest of the neighbours, have an amazing Halloween and try your hand at these top four Halloween themed recipes:

#1 Marshmallow People

These little treats are not only great for the kids to enjoy but they can be decorated exactly how you and your children like.  Transform the marshmallows from a boring old sweet to witches, wizards and other spooky people using some sweets and food colouring.

#2 Spooky Biscuits

You can of course use prebaked biscuits but baking the biscuits takes no time at all if you have a good oven.  Once they're baked just make sure they are completely cool before you try to ice them.  The last thing you want is your guests covered head to toe in chocolate because they haven’t quite set. Icing them with royal icing piped in the shape of spider’s webs or spooky faces makes them perfect for any Halloween party.

#3 Witches Brew

Serve spooky looking drinks; get into the spooky spirit and add a few spiders - although not real ones of course!

#4 Salted Caramel Cake

Basically this is a chocolate cake that drizzled with salted caramel which you can buy in any good supermarket.  Chocolate cake and salted caramel, what's not to like?!  Serve it up as a dessert, there's no extras needed as it's very filling.

For all these recipes, there is one thing that you need to make them a success, and that is a great kitchen.  Find everything you need to make your recipes a success at Kitchen Finesse.

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  1. Ha-ha! I love the marshmallow people! I'll have to remember that one!

  2. Wow, these are all beautiful! I want some chocolate cake, now.


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