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See How Myleene Klass Makes Busy Family Mornings a Breeze

According to a recent 'Stay Strong' survey carried out by Actimel 55% of Mums find that getting themselves and their children ready in the morning can be the most eventful time of the day.
With that in mind, Actimel has teamed up with celebrity and busy working mum Myleene Klass to inspire the nation’s mums to stay strong during the hectic morning rush and to give families a fun boost in the mornings.


Myleene has joined forces with the Stay Strong Brothers, a band helping Actimel bring a smile to people’s faces; their ‘Every Morning Mum’ song is a happy and humourous song which sets mum up in the morning to face life’s daily little challenges head on.

As over half of UK mums said getting their children ready in the morning was the biggest struggle, the song cheekily brings to life this reality and will resonate with mums across the nation and give them a much needed boost.
The Stay Strong Brothers, have been making people smile with their songs and they performed live in Tottenham Court Road Underground station as part of a partnership with Transport for London in order to make commuters smile and help spread some morning positivity.  They have performed a number of songs in relation to everyday life and have now turned their attention to mums as part of Actimel’s campaign to help people stay strong throughout their day.

Check out this video that I think every busy parent will appreciate:

Myleene’s Top Tips

Never underestimate the power of planning:
Taking two minutes to plan tomorrow’s outfit will save minutes of stress in the morning and helps me feel fabulous all day. I find bright colours or a simple dress really keeps me in good spirits whether it’s for a business lunch, the school run or even a drink with my girlfriends.

Locate your children’s shoes and socks:
Seriously, where is the magic compartment in the back of a tumble dryer where these disappear to!? My kids shoes and socks always magically disappear in the morning. Now, I always pop them at the end of their beds with their folded outfits (or at least on the shoe rack) any time savers help reduce morning mania.

Allow yourself to have your morning ‘me’ moment:
Once the kids are dropped off or you’re on your way to work in your car or on a train, allow yourself a ‘me’ moment after your busy morning: read a book, listen and sing-along to your favourite song and get yourself ready to take on the rest of the day.

Healthy treats in arm’s reach:
Juggling children, a job and just general life is a lot to squeeze in to one day. I need lots of energy throughout the day as a busy mum so love having some healthy snacks such as Actimel, nuts, or fruit on the go.

Mums, we’re in together!
Not so much a tip but more of a motto, a reminder, a high five or a group hug. Life as a Mum is chaotic at times but seriously we really are in it all together. I find that sharing stories with my friend about my little girl pouring sticky orange juice down herself minutes before the annual school photo are the stories which make me smile in reflection.

About Actimel 
Actimel is a yogurt drink available in 12 delicious flavours and a great way to start the day as part of a balanced breakfast.

Actimel contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It also contains Vitamins B6 & D to support the normal function of the immune system.

For more information about Actimel, visit www.staystronguk.com or Facebook & Twitter: www.facebook.com/ActimelUK
Twitter @ActimelUK

Disclosure:  I received supermarket vouchers to cover my time writing up this post.  

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