Luxury Chocolate Delivery from Heartier - Review

Heartier is an online marketplace that until fairly recently were known as Market Porter.
Having made a great success of their fantastic meat delivery service, Stefan Porter and Nick Ford have now added more products hence the name change.  Of course they continue their ethos of traceable, ethically produced British meats into other products; Cheese, Charcuterie and now......Chocolate!

Above image kindly provided by Heartier

Chocolate is delivered in letterbox sized packaging meaning so there's no need to be home in order to receive it; in fact the same goes for anything ordered from Heartier.

Heartier says;
Meat boxes will be with you within 24 hours of packing, but should there be a rare but unavoidable delay and your box cannot be delivered until the next day, due to the brilliantly designed packaging the contents will be safe and cool for at least 48 hours which ensures that your meat will be fresh as a daisy the next day too.

Back to the Chocolate!
Whether you are after the most exclusive chocolate from around the world, something a little more accessible, or the best of both, Market Porter has it covered.  Quite literally they go to the ends of the earth to find your chocolate each month.  You can buy by the bar, or pick one of our selection boxes as a one off or subscription.

There are many, many small scale producers, all sourcing top quality beans direct from the farmers themselves and turning them into the most amazing chocolate.  If you're looking for the most premium single origin bars on the market or something a little different, you'll definitely find it over at Market Porter.  You can read more about Chocolate from Market Porter by clicking on the link.

My 'Posh Chocolate Selection' box arrived very well packaged in a sturdy but slim letterbox sized cardboard box.  Inside the selection box for the month of May was 4 Luxury Chocolate bars:

Rose Pale by Amelia Rope
Pistachio and Sea Salt White also by Amelia Rope
Fig and Orange 70% Dark by Ocelot
46% Milk Chocolate and Crushed Coffee by The Chocolate Society

Best before dates: 
All four bars delivered to me had a good best before dates which with the earliest being almost 3 months away so no worries there.

Now, readers of this blog will know that I can't ever get too excited about chocolate, so that's where Paul (the husband) comes in; he is the chief taster of all things chocolate that arrive here at A Glug of Oil.

Paul - 'Did someone say CHOCOLATE'?.......I guess it's over to him for this bit!  

Rose Pale
Now he wasn't too sure he would like this one since he thought the rose might make the chocolate taste a bit odd.  But this isn't the case at all.  The chocolate is so smooth it melts in your mouth and although it does does have a floral taste about it, it really isn't over powering.

Pistachio and Sea Salt White
Creamy tasting smooth white chocolate with just the right amount of pistachios and saltiness.  Oh yes this is really good stuff.

Fig and Orange 70% Dark
Whoa!! Dark and rich tasting chocolate is in Paul's opinion the best.  Dark chocolate and orange is always going to be a good match.  But the added chewiness of the fig along with the fragrance of orange oil make this stand out from any other chocolate and orange bar he's ever tasted.

46% Milk Chocolate and Crushed Coffee
Again, lovely creamy tasting chocolate with the right amount of coffee flavour.  All in all each and every bar has a big fat YES from Paul.

So, if you're a lover of chocolate or would just like to send a gift to someone you know then do check out Heartier.  Don't forget Heatier isn't just about Chocolate; there's also has an absolutely fantastic range of Fresh Meat and Poultry products along with Cheese and Charcuterie.

Disclosure:  I received the Posh Chocolate selection box to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write anything positive.

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  1. You had me sold at 'luxury chocolate delivery'!! Love that they use postbox-sized boxes, I hate having to stay in for deliveries.


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