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Riverford Organic Farms - The Happy Pear Recipe Box Review

Riverford Organic Farms have recently launched some really special recipe boxes with new guest chefs, The Happy Pear.

The Irish twins, David and Steven Flynn, are part of Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube, and, like Riverford, they have a mission to get people to eat more veg.

Riverford Organic Farms Recipes

I was asked to give an honest and frank review of one of these boxes so here we go.

This Spanish Chickpea and Potato Bake was one of three recipes included in my box and I have to say it was totally and utterly delicious.
The recipe was for 2 people and the portion size was quite huge, now since we're both greedy people that's saying something coming from me.

The Apple, Beetroot Salad with Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds that was a side dish for the potato bake not only looked good but tasted good too.

The simple dressing for the salad was olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey and complimented the salad nicely.

The Recipe Box Delivery and Packaging:

The box arrived in perfect condition and was very well packed as you can see from my picture. When I opened the box I was very impressed to find top class quality ingredients.

Riverford Farm recipe box

The vegetables looked really fresh and the recipe cards made me want to cook straight away, my only dilemma was which one to cook first.

Vegetables in a box

Another thing I really liked was the 3 compartments of the box which you can see closer here labelled 1, 2 and 3 corresponded with the recipe number on the cards and contained the smaller ingredients needed for each recipe.

Riverford Organic Recipe Box

The chilled ingredients were tucked underneath the vegetables and were packed in an insulated bag and arrived with the ice packs still frozen and the packaging was recyclable too.

Riverford Organic Recipe Box Packaging

The Happy Pear recipe boxes contain everything needed to make three filling meals for two. Everything is weighed out in little pots so there's no shopping required.

Apart from olive oil, water, salt and pepper, there wasn't anything else needed.
Riverford Organic Recipe Cards

My box contained everything needed to make these recipes:
Mexican Leek and Black Bean Chilli
Puy Lentil Coconut Dahl
Spanish Chickpea and Potato Bake

I think everyone will agree the recipes look fabulous and so back to my dilemma of what to cook first!
In the end, I opted for the Puy Lentil Coconut Dahl; it looked good and more importantly it was tasty too.

Both the recipes that I've cooked so far were extremely easy to follow and no fancy cooking equipment was needed, which was great.

Each recipe card shows the nutritional values, calories and allergens. All you need to do is pick out the relevant ingredients from the box and get cooking.

Portion size: 

I've reviewed a good few recipe boxes in the past and until now I've never had a recipe box that in my opinion, actually gives you too much to eat!

The Puy Lentil Dahl just needs double the rice and would easily serve 4 instead of 2 and the Spanish Chickpea and Potato Bake needs just one more potato and would also easily serve 4 people.

On our menu, tonight is the Mexican leek and black bean chilli which I'm really looking forward to.

So were there ANY faults I could find?

In a word no. Seriously, I cannot for the life of me, find anything negative about the box, packaging, presentation, delivery, quality of the ingredients, recipes or cooking instructions.

At the time of writing the £33.95 that these veggie boxes sell for containing everything needed to make 3 filling meals for 2 people and the price includes delivery and everything that Riverford grow and sell is organic.

Also given that in my opinion, each meal could actually serve four adults with the addition of one ingredient to each recipe is brilliant making these boxes even better value for money.

There is an option to choose bigger boxes (for 4 people) or boxes containing meat which of course are a little more expensive.

A quick bit about Riverford organic farms:

Riverford began in Devon in 1987, delivering organic vegetables to 30 local homes.

Word spread, and with it came the challenge of how to meet demand without compromising a commitment to local growing and employment, supporting local farmers and keeping a close link between grower and consumer.

Twitter @Riverford

Twitter @thehappypear

All in all:
We've really enjoyed eating veggie meals this past week and actually, both say we didn't miss meat - now there's something I never thought I'd say!

For more info pop over to Riverford and check out these boxes by The Happy Pear.

Disclosure: I received a recipe box in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive. I did not receive any form of payment to write this post.

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  1. This recipe box does look good, and I like how they package it so carefully too. And good to see the Riverford quality of product holds for their recipe boxes as well. Th recipes look delicious, and the kind of thing I'd enjoy. A bit pricy, perhaps, if you price per meal, but then it's organic and good quality, so I guess people are willing to pay that bit more. Looks great!


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