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Chiquito Restaurant Bar and Mexican Grill - New Menu Review

Restaurant Bar and Mexican Grill Chiquito have just launched their new and very exciting menu. As this was my first time visiting Chiquito I wasn't sure what to expect; from the minute we walked through the door we were made to feel welcome. The restaurant had a lovely feel about it too and the decor and lighting were perfect.

I found out we were served by Rachael, so a bit shout goes to her as she was really friendly and very knowledgeable, explaining all the new dishes and helped us decide what to have. That said I wasn't there to review the restaurant, only the new menu, and what a tempting and mouthwatering menu it is too.
Mexican food

Although I took photos to share on social media, they certainly didn't do the food justice it deserves as it was too dark in the restaurant, therefore the photos in this post have been kindly supplied by Chiquito.

Oh my goodness, the description of every dish on the menu sounded mouthwatering, it was seriously hard to decide what to have since we kinda wanted to try everything and Tex-Mex is my favourite kind of food anyway.Time to pick what we were going to have as a starter course.  One of the exciting additions to the new menu is 'Street Food' small plates which are perfect for sharing.

The idea is you pick 3 or 6 dishes; we went for 3 (since this was going to be our starter) but we found it really difficult choosing so after much humming and arring this is what we finally chose.

'Sweet Chorizo Croquettes' Homemade sweet potato croquettes, filled with chorizo, sweetcorn and onion. Served with a jalapeño jelly.

We both loved these, very moreish.  The jalapeño was a perfect match.  Yes please we wanted more of those!

'Empanadas' Crispy parcels filled with spicy chicken, served with a pico de gallo salsa and sour cream.

The empanadas were beautifully cooked and were filled with a good amount of nice spicy chicken. There are couple of other choices of filling to choose from if you don't want chicken or are vegetarian.

'Whipped Feta and Honey' A creamy feta & honey whip, served with toasted tortilla triangles and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

According to us the word Feta is the best word in the dictionary - Whipped Feta and honey?  Oh my, now were talking; we could quite happily have eaten a whole bowl each.  

Now, I can't resist prawns so as an extra we also ordered 'Piña Colada Prawns' Tiger prawns in a crunchy piña colada crumb, served with a sweet pineapple salsa and toasted tortilla triangles.  

The prawns had a lovely crunchy coating and were perfectly cooked.  I'm glad that Paul (by the way he's the husband) doesn't like prawns as it meant they were all for greedy me!  
The pineapple salsa had a real kick to it and the piña colada dipping sauce served in a shot glass was delicious. 

Mexican dish

Onto the main course.  Although the new Hero Burger with a topping of pulled pork, sliced chorizo, red jalapenos and Monterey Jack cheese sounded amazing, Paul decided on 'Spiced Coconut Chicken' Fresh chicken breast, ginger and red chilli in a spicy aromatic coconut sauce. Served with Mexican spiced rice, tortilla puffs and a dollop of whipped feta & honey.

You can see this dish at the top of the above picture.  It's actually served at your table in a small lidded casserole dish just as shown in the picture - how cute is that?   I had a taste before diving into my fiery chilli chicken.  The spicy coconut sauce was truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I'm not joking, whoever invented this sauce is a genius.  It tasted spicy, sweet and coconutty (if that's a word) all at the same time.  The bite sized chicken pieces were really tender and had taken on the flavour of the sauce.  

Now we had trouble as I wanted Spiced Coconut Chicken too as it sounded so good!  But we were there to review the new menu so I chose something different.  I found it hard to resist the Mexican Paella as I do love a good paella, but in the end I went for 'Fiery Chilli Chicken' Fresh chicken breast marinated in a hot habanero sauce, served with Mexican spiced rice, tortilla chips, roasted vegetables and sour cream.   

Was it spicy?  YES it most definitely was!! But it was good and I loved it but I'd only recommended if you like really spicy  food which I do.  The flattened chicken breast fillet was cooked to perfection and not at all dry.  The portion size was HUGE as it came with a pile of tortilla chips and Mexican spiced rice; and roasted vegetables.  The only problem was that by now I really had eaten too much so I couldn't finish it.

All in all:
We didn't have a dessert, quite simply because we were just too full.  We both think the new menu is fantastic; every dish served to us not only looked and tasted amazing but presentation was excellent too.  The Street Food is a brilliant idea and great for sharing with friends over a few drinks if you don't want a full scale meal.

The new menu at Chiquito is exciting, creative, colourful and undoubtedly one of the best menus I've ever seen.  It really was difficult to choose what to order as like I said before, we just wanted to try everything.  All the food we had tasted freshly cooked and was piping hot.  The new menu launched on 9th February which as it happens is my birthday so that's when we went; just saying!

For more information and to find your nearest restaurant pop over to Chiquito. You can find Chiquito on Twitter @TheChiquito

Disclosure:  We were guests at Chiquito in Shrewsbury.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  

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