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Listed in no particular order at all, here are some of the lovely products I've been trying this month along with a some great books.

Check out the latest great products, books and wine.....

Everyday Super Food - Jamie Oliver

Jamie's Everyday Super Food makes eating well exciting, delicious, easy and fun.

The book is divided into breakfasts (up to 400 calories), lunches (up to 600 calories) and dinners (up to 600 calories), and every tasty meal is nutritionally balanced so that any combination over the day will bring you in under your recommended daily allowance of calories (2000 women/2,500 men), allowing you to enjoy snacks and drinks on the side.

I must say I'm loving the recipes in this book; they're colourful and easy to make.  It's great to see that every recipe has the calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, carbs, sugar and fibre listed underneath.    

Along with some others, the recipe on page 170 has to be made; Roasted Squash Laska Bake with Chicken, lemongrass, Peanut and Rice a go - it looks absolutely delicious!  

This hardback book is available to buy now over at the Jamie Oliver shop.
Published by Penguin.

Twitter @jamieoliver 

Crussh - Juices, Smoothies and Boosters

The lovely people over at Crussh Fit Food and Juice Bars say regularly drinking all things juiceable can do wondrous things for you.  Passionate about health, the Crussh chain avoids additives, preservations, GM foods, salt and sugar, and use the best natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.

This latest book from Crussh is full of delicious juice and smoothie recipes.  Packed full of interesting information to help you learn about super foods and their health benefits.  The Red Velvet Smoothie  on page 130 is the most amazing colour.

Twitter @CrusshJuiceBars

Lebanese Home Cooking - Kamal Mouzawak

Straight from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, Kamal Mouzawak, chef and creator of the first farmers' market in Beirut, Kamal Mouzawak brings you healthy and inspiring dishes, featuring classic Lebanese ingredients.

I'm fascinated with this kind of food and cooking, everything is so colourful and the dishes are quite easy and quick to make.  Oh and the Red Bean Stew on page 53 has to happen in my kitchen asap!

Although Lebanese Home Cooking doesn't officially release until 5th November; it is published by Quarry Books where you can order a copy.

Lebanese Home Cooking
Author: Kamal Mouzawak
Format: Printed Laminated Cover, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631590375
Publisher: Quarry Books

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Alid's Award Winning Wines:

The Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling priced at £6.99
An exceptional Dry Riesling showing a characteristic steeliness to the green apple, lime and grapefruit notes.

Food match - delicious with seafood, mild Chinese and Thai dishes, or salads.
Gold  + Great Value Champion White
Decanter 2015 Wold Wine awards – Bronze

The Exquisite Collection Argentinian Malbec priced at £5.99
Bright and ruby-red with aromas of plums and blackberries overlain with subtle violet notes
Food match – steak, lamb tagines, aubergine bake, farmhouse Cheddar.

2015 – Bronze
 Decanter 2015 World Wine awards – Bronze

Now I'm no wine connoisseur so I won't be using fancy words or go into great detail attempting to describe them; but I can say both of these wines were easy to drink (a bit too easy)!

I really liked the Riesling but personally I do prefer red wine and the Malbec was just excellent; smooth and very easy to drink.  I have to say Aldi do have a great range of wines at good, reasonable prices. 

Twitter @AldiUK

Essential Cuisine

Essential Cuisine are currently celebrating winning five awards at the Great Taste Awards for their retail range of HomeChef stocks.

Launched in 1995, Essential Cuisine is a wholly British brand based in Cheshire that make and supply high quality stocks, jus and glaces.  Their aim is to help home chefs achieve fantastic results with everything from risottos and roasts to delicious tagines, curries, soups and hundreds of other dishes.

Having tried the Chicken and Vegetable stock I must say I really like them; they're - fantastic for making risotto.  I've yet to try the beef but I'm sure it' will be just as good.
Also in the stock range are Turkey, fish, lamb and veal.   

Easy to use, just dissolve the powdered stock in boiling water and mix as per instructions on the back of each tub.
Gluten Free and all in all, a great product.

Twitter @E_Cuisine

Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Herbs

New from Gourmet Garden, these washed and chopped fresh herbs that have been ‘lightly dried’ (just enough) to last for 4 weeks once opened.  Since they've only been lightly dried they refresh in cooking, giving you the closest flavour, aroma and appearance to fresh herbs.

The range currently includes basil, coriander and parsley and are sold in convenient to use ‘pinch pouches'.
I think they are excellent; they really do look like you've just chopped fresh herbs and they taste fresh too - another great product!

Twitter @GourmetGardenUK

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to all the brands that sent these products for me to try.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  As always I only write about products I truly love and recommend.  

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