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How To Please Your Cat - What Cats Really Want

Just about everyone loves the TV cat called Felix as he’s always up to something mischievous.  Anyone who has a cat or indeed more than will know they can be hilarious.

Our Ellie loves to play with a ball made of screwed up paper and we’re sure she thinks she’s a dog as nine times out of ten she will bring it back to you when you throw it for her - yes seriously!  

We bought fancy nice soft cat beds for our two each costing a bit of money, but our Ellie prefers to sleep on the stairs (which is nice and dangerous for us at night I must say)!  Our other cat named Jim, never, ever gets in his bed since he prefers to be out pretty much all night and during the day he prefers the computer chair.  

I think most cats like Felix would prefer a box is best to sleep in!

One thing is for sure they both know the words ’do you want feeding’?  Yes I’m afraid like most cat or dog owners I find myself talking to them (well I do anyway) and once feeding is mentioned they both appear from wherever they’ve been sleeping.

Cats aren’t at all daft either, they know what they want and they are fussy too.  They know which food they like and don’t like, neither of ours will eat cat food that’s in gravy, only cat food in jelly will do for them.

Do take a look at the fun and amusing video ‘How to Please Your Cat’ from Purina FELIX® I think no matter what you buy them or do for then, this video sums up what cats really, really want!

If you have a cat, what do you find is the best way to please him or her?

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This post is sponsored by Purina Felix.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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