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I’m sure we all know someone that thinks they know everything, about everything.  But sometimes that person might 'think' they know, when often it's just their own opinion and they end up convincing everyone else of their thoughts.

The food manufacturing industry is one of many topics of which people have strong opinions and decide for themselves what they think goes into the food we eat.  

So just what is it that makes us decide what we hear is either true, or just gossip?  I say the least we can do is try to look at the proper facts before deciding. 

Do take a look at this short video in which a little girl called Laura thinks that McDonald's burgers are full of additives, fillers and flavour enhancers along with some extra bits; because they wouldn’t use good beef just to make burgers.  Laura believes this because her mum said so, and after all her mum’s friend Carol told her, so it must be true! 

Having read many articles by McDonald's and of course after watching the video, I’ve found that they do use only 100% British and Irish beef from quality assured farms and that the beef is fully traceable from farm to restaurant.  Also nothing else but salt and pepper is added and their burgers do not contain onions or any other kind of flavouring.  I must say I thought their burgers did have flavouring or some sort added but I’m pleased to hear that they don’t.

McDonald's is a huge company and personally I trust what they say is true since there are loads of rules and regulations here in the UK that anyone making an advert has to abide by when making an advert so that we can all be assured nothing but the truth is stated.  

Anyway with all that said, on with the video, I think you'll enjoy it.

This post has been sponsored by McDonald's; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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