Sponsored Video - Knorr Flavour of Home

Recent research carried out by Knorr; found that three quarters of people agree that tasting just one mouthful of their mum’s home cooking brought back happy memories from their childhood.
Sitting down with the family and tucking into a good home cooked meal together is a great time for catching up on each other’s day and of course enjoying the meal.  

We all have our own special memories of a favourite meal that our mum used to cook when we were kids, and for me its cottage pie.  I can never recreate it no matter what I do; it never, ever, tastes the same as my mum’s does!

Do you have a meal like that - a meal that your mum used to cook when you were a kid and no one else can make taste the same?

Some people of course work thousands of miles away from home making it impossible to see their family very often.  Carmen for instance (in the video below) is a husky carer in the Arctic - sounds like a fantastic job apart from the cold weather!   As a surprise for Carmen, Knorr flew her mum all the way to the Arctic to cook her favourite dinner.

Just as it would be for me, I’d know my mums cottage pie from anyone else’s so when Carmen tastes her surprise meal, she immediately recognises her mum’s cooking.   It’s true to say I think you’ll always recognise the flavours of home.

Seasoning and flavour are essential in good cooking because without them food would be quite bland.  We all have our own personal tastes and Knorr can help us turn an ordinary meal into a special meal. Knorr certainly have a great range of stock cubes, stock pots, gravy pots and more.  For information, recipes and inspiration pop over to their website.

Take a look at this video to see Carmen’s surprise meal that she just knows, must have been cooked by her mum.


This post has been sponsored by Knorr, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. You have reminded my of my mother's brown mince. It is so rich and good. I can never reproduce it.

    The video was so touching.

  2. My Mom cannot cook but my Nan's can so there cooking is what I always think of as a taste of home

  3. You'll always find Knorr in my drawer, couldn't be without it:-)

  4. For me it's a toss-up between roast chicken with chassseur sauce and pork sausages with pan-fried apple rings :)


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