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JUST EAT Tried and Tasted - Jimmy Wok Chinese in Hadley Telford

Have you ever ordered a takeaway from JUST EAT? I have to say hadn't until last week. Well as it turns out they have a vast range (more than I had imagined) of takeaways across the country that will deliver to your door.

It's also fantastic for helping you decide exactly what you want to eat - choose from Pizza, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Fish and Chips, Kebabs and more.

After us both deciding on Chinese we logged into JUST EAT and found it so easy to order, you tap in your postcode, then select what cuisine you want to eat. If you can't make your mind up, select 'Show Me Everything'. This then brings up a list of all the takeaways that deliver in your area. Just browse the menu of your chosen takeaway and add dishes to your basket.
Now, I'm rather fussy when it comes to eating out or getting a takeaway.  So when Jimmy Wok (Chinese) came up on the list, I popped over to check out their Food Hygiene ratings and was pleased to see they had the highest score of 5 at the time of writing March 2015.

To make it easy to check there's a link underneath each takeaway on JUST EAT to the Foods Standards Agency making it easy for you the check out any ratings before deciding to order.

With that sorted we checked out their menu, added dishes to our basket, and placed the order.  You can select your preferred time of delivery and in our case that was 6pm.  Also worth noting it you can pre-order your food so you don't have to wait for the takeaway to actually open before placing your order.

Once your order has been placed you'll see the confirmation screen - here's a screen-shot of ours with personal details removed.  As it happens at the time of our order Jimmy Wok were offering 20% discount - marvelous!

For the amount of food we had £21.40 we think is a great price - don't forget there's a £3.00 delivery charge included in this too.  Jimmy Wok isn't exactly just round the corner to us, it's a bit of a trek away and so I think £3 is very reasonable for delivery.

My Questions: 
Would the food arrive on time, would it be hot and would it be of good quality and taste nice?  

Answers to My Questions: 
The food arrived 10 minutes early and the driver said he hoped that was okay - of course it was we were hungry!  The food was really nice and hot too.  As for taste and quality - yep it was excellent!  It's a big YES for us - we will definitely order again.

Now, with the nights still being quite dark a photo of the takeaway was never going to be a good idea - but I have to share this iPad photo with you of the temperature.  Please note I'd already faffed about with a proper camera before this was taken so was seriously impressed with the temperature of the food - check out the temperature of the rice at 76.1c very impressive.

Here's the food plated up - again please excuse my awful picture:

About JUST EAT Tried and Tasted Awards:
All Food Lovers that use JUST EAT to order their favourite takeaways has the opportunity to leave feedback on their experience by reviewing and rating their most loved local takeaways.  I think it's a great idea as it enables you to read other peoples experience before you order from a takeaway your not familiar with.  

JUST EAT Tried and Tasted awards focuses on not only quality but on consistency too.  The consistency award recognises over one thousand takeaway restaurants out of an overall of eight thousand that have won Tried and Tasted for 4 years in a row. 
Out of the one thousand consistency winners they chose 20 of the best takeaways that had received the highest ratings and reviews from cities that had accumulated the most Tried and Tasted winners overall.

For further details about the Tried and Tasted Awards, read what JUST EAT have to say here:

Do you have a Favorite JUST EAT Takeaway?
If so take a minute to comment on their Just Eat profile and get them on the Tried and Tasted Awards 2015 

Disclaimer: I was supplied with a voucher code which added credit to my JUST EAT account. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

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