How to Make your Kitchen Work Harder

Keeping a family fed and watered is no easy task, so it’s important that your cooking area is up-to-scratch. If you think your kitchen could work harder and you’re keen to improve this part of your property, take a look at the following simple but effective design suggestions.

Create extra storage;
Clutter and chaos are the scourge of any cooking area, so it’s vital that your kitchen benefits from bags of storage. Standard units may not be enough to house all of your items, so you might need to rethink your current storage solutions.
Bear in mind that specialist suppliers like Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets offer a host of products, meaning you won’t struggle to find the perfect solutions for your home.

From full height cabinets to handy corner units that squeeze maximum use out of these awkward areas, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Include plenty of workspace;
Plenty of workspace is a must in any busy kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have help with meal preparation, the last thing you want is to end up fighting for surface space with your fellow cooks. If you’ve got the square footage, an island unit might make a great addition to your kitchen. This is by far the most effective way to increase the available space.

You can also free up extra surface area by reducing the number of items you keep on your worktops. For example, storing things like food mixers and condiments on your shelving or in your cabinets rather than on your surfaces can give you more room to manoeuvre.

Choose the perfect appliances; 
Be savvy in your selection of appliances too. For example, if you don’t already have one, it could be the time to invest in a dishwasher. These useful products can shave hours off your weekly chores, and as long as you fill them up properly before switching them on, they can be more energy efficient than using the sink.

A decent sized oven and a spacious fridge can also help to take some of the stress out of family catering.

Make those all-important finishing touches;
Don’t forget to make those all-important finishing touches either. For example, if you’re replacing your worktops, you might benefit from getting steel hotrods fitted in your new versions. These handy pan stands can stop you from burning your surfaces when you’re cooking up a storm for your household. Meanwhile, utensil hooks can make reaching for tongs, spoons, mashers and a host of other kitchen essentials quicker and easier.

By bearing simple design ideas like these in mind when you’re revamping your kitchen, you should be able to ensure it’s more than up to the task of helping you feed your family.

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