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Virtually Fat Free Minced Meat - VonShef Premium Meat Grinder Review

We all know how versatile minced beef is when it comes to cooking - burgers, bolognese, cottage pie, beef chilli to name a few.  Of course minced pork is also good and I don't know about you, but I always use half and half mixture of the two when making bolognese.  But I'm always concerned about actually what goes into minced beef no matter where you buy it from.

Standard minced beef in the UK is 20% fat but you really should read the label since you'll find it can also contain all sorts of bits and pieces I'd rather not talk about!

Lean minced beef - labeled 5% fat and there's also 10% 12% and even 15% available - complicated or what?  In fact it gets even more so, have a read of this article by the Daily Mail and you might well be convinced it's a good thing to get a meat grinder and mince your own meat products.
Now if you have a meat grinder you can of course mince your own choice of beef, pork, chicken or turkey using prime cuts and at least you know what went in it!
Having recently been sent this rather serious looking Electric (1800W motor) VonShef Meat Grinder and Mince Maker, I had to give making my own mince a go.  At first I though this might be a bit of a palava since there seemed to be a million parts to the meat grinder.  But not so, it was all okay!  Once I'd given everything a nice wash and dry I found it was really easy to assemble and took a matter of two minutes.

Sausages and Kebbe Attachment:
It also has a sausage making attachment and a Kebbe attachment too - 3 steel cutting blades (fine, medium and coarse) and 3 sausage maker adapters (fine, medium and large)  The cutting blades are easy to change.

All in all:
The VonShef Premium Meat Grinder did an excellent job of mincing braising steak into minced beef.  It was really easy to clean too, just take apart and wash in hot sudsy water and personally I always use an antibacterial spay too so I know things are clean.
If things do get stuck when in use, there's a reverse button to sort it out. The power cable is just 1 metre in length - personally I'd have liked to have been a tad longer since my kitchen is so small. The unit housing and blades are made from stainless steel for hygienic operation and making it resistant to corrosion.  The non-slip feet work a treat.  

RRP is £79.99 but you can buy it over at Domu for just £56.99 which I think is a really good price considering this machine does a great job and allows you to choose what goes in your mince.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. That looks like a really fab meat grinder - I've not heard of Von Chef before! I agree about the mince and I am often shocked to see that fresh mince can contain some previously frozen mince in it so avoid it altogether!

  2. My mother had my grandmother's meat grinder when we were growing up and she made the most delicious meat pies with it - a texture you just couldn't get with chopping. This looks like a very close alternative!

  3. It looks good. We have a meat defrosting tray from the same makers and it's superb.

  4. thanks for the guide, should be useful whenever I can afford/have the space for a meat grinder.

  5. This is ultimate guide about meat grinder for buyer and very helpful. Thank's for sharing with us.happycookerz.com


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